Primate Frames

Jonathan’s Primate Frames Road

For Aussie fans of the custom bicycle, the name of Tarn Mott and Primate Frames is synonymous with big, burly and innovative frames. Tarn is a big guy himself, ably suited to bending steel with his bare hands, and his… Read more »

Primate Frames All-Mountain

About two hours ride south of Sydney stands the Illawarra Escarpment, a dramatic series of cliffs that rise up from the coast, extends about one hundred kilometers south and reaches heights of almost 800 meters above the sea. It’s home… Read more »

McLennan Mistral

Those of you with an appreciation for classic motorsports may twig at the title of today’s bike: the Maserati Mistral was produced from 1964 to 1970, powered by the famous straight six cylinder engine that carried Juan Manuel Fangio to… Read more »

Australian Custom Bicycle Show Pt. 1

The inaugural Australian Custom Bicycle Show was held last weekend in Melbourne, and those of us fortunate enough to make it along experienced something very exciting. It was the realization that appreciation for quality bikes is stronger than it has… Read more »

Primate Frames x Candy Cranks

While most of the US frame builders are hunkered down, preparing for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in February, I’ve been encouraged by the exciting things that have been happening Down Under. Tarn, the powerhouse behind Primate Frames, has… Read more »

Primate Frames Road

Tarn of Primate Frames is one of Australia’s most innovative builders. A giant of a man, he naturally creates bikes that won’t disintegrate underneath him. Working primarily in steel, he has a portfolio of bikes that range from 29er hardtails… Read more »