Raleigh Team Professional

As the 2013 Tour de France braces itself for Stage 8, the first battle with an HC peak—scaling the Col de Pailhères—it’s sobering to remember these feats of climbing weren’t always performed upon ultra-light carbon bikes with electronic shifting. The… Read more »

Brothers Rich Raleigh DL-1

The 2013 Tour de France is about to départ, sending a few hundred brightly colored riders on a 3,400 kilometer journey aboard the latest carbon fiber bikes the industry can offer. It will be the 100th edition, the first few… Read more »

Raleigh Colette

Buying or restoring a bike for a lady friend or partner is very much a hit-and-miss affair. Their sense of style and form is more highly evolved than men, so if they don’t approve of the color, ergonomics or accessories,… Read more »

Raleigh Chopper

On Friday the 18th of May 2012, a 85 year-old man named Alan Oakley died after a long battle with cancer. While you may not recognize his name, you will surely be familiar with the iconic bicycle from the seventies… Read more »

Raleigh Team Panasonic Track

This Raleigh Team Panasonic Track was a high point of my morning commute to my workplace in The Rocks, Sydney. It turned into one of those ‘coffee shop romances’ where I’d roll into town and wonder excitedly whether we’d cross… Read more »

Raleigh International

Marie and Ryan from New Jersey’s Folk Engineered recently completed a simultaneous restoration for two brothers, Drew and Fred. Drew bought this Raleigh International in 1971, and a year later Fred got a Motebecane Le Champion. 39 years later, the… Read more »

Raleigh Grand Prix

It’s refreshing to be reminded that the most admirable bikes are often those that have had the least amount of money and effort poured into them. It doesn’t take much to create a stylish and understated machine, as Chicago’s Adam… Read more »