Road Kandy

Road Kandy Twinbar

While cruisers have failed to generate the phenomenal hype that fixed gear bicycles have, there exists a similar level of passion and intensity for them that manifests vehicles on par with the Keirin frame builders of Japan and the handmade… Read more »

Road Kandy Sangria Vida

You can hang on to your color matched Aerospoke rims, grips and pedals. In the bicycle world, there are none more passionate about customization than the crew at Road Kandy Customs. When I saw the photos of Sangria Vida, a… Read more »

Road Kandy Custom

You’re probably aware that the older brother of Cycle EXIF is a motorcycle blog called Bike EXIF, a profile of the world’s best classic, custom and vintage motorcycles. It’s only because of that exposure to custom bobbers that I took… Read more »