Royal H Cycles

Royal H Cycles Constructeur

Even Bryan Hollingsworth of Royal H Cycles admits this was a BIG PROJECT. For any framebuilder, attempting to replicate the work of masters such as Alex Singer and RenĂ© Herse entails a dedication and perseverance that instills a deep respect… Read more »

Royal H Cycles Chauncey’s Rando

With every frame Bryan Hollingsworth builds, he gets closer to the essence of Royal H Cycles. Bryan started RHC five years ago, in 2009, and although his portfolio is extensive, his latest spate of frames have been consistently excellent. This… Read more »

A Pair of Royal H Cycles

Surely one of the true tests of a marriage would be a tour on a tandem. Each partner would discover, if they hadn’t already, the very best and worst of each other, how reliant on each other they are and… Read more »

Royal H Cycles Tourer

The family tree of New England bicycle manufacturing is a twisted and winding plant, and each branch is a story in itself. Bryan Hollingsworth is a significant bough of that tree, working at Massachusetts’ Seven Cycles in their carbon fiber… Read more »

Royal H Cycles Blurple Rando

‘Blurple Rando’ may be a colloquial title, but it refers to a very serious machine. After years of riding a Pashley Guv’nor around and taking it on longer and longer rides, Alan approached Boston’s Royal H Cycles and Bryan Hollingsworth… Read more »

Royal H Cycles Di2 Road

Royal H Cycles Philly Show Bike

Bryan Hollingsworth’s entry to this year’s Philadelphia Bike Show suitably answered each of the ‘Artisan / Activist / Alternative’ criteria. It’s a fully dressed road bike that refuses to fit into any presupposed pigeonhole.