Nua Bikes SC-01

One of the most likeable innovations to cross over to the world of the bicycle from that of the motorcycle has to be the belt drive. It all looks good on paper: cleaner and quieter than a chain, longer lasting… Read more »

Legor Cicli Road

We have different reasons for riding the bikes we ride. They fulfil certain requirements for stages of our cycling, and each delivers an individual experience. The story about how each came to be to in our possession is revealing, but… Read more »

Razesa Bicicletas

When Miguel ‘Big Mig’ Indurain won the first of his five consecutive Tour de France victories, in 1991, he was riding a bike considered by many to be one of the finest Spain had to offer. It was a Razesa,… Read more »

Giro Meccanico

Japanese Keirin frames are known for their fancy paint schemes — infused with glitter and bearing the elaborate and deeply venerated marques of their builders. Madrid’s Eduardo Sanchez acquired a Giro Meccanico frame whose coat of paint was beyond admiration.… Read more »

Jeronimo Cycles Slütter

One of the great things about Cycle EXIF is the exposure we get to bikes and builders we might not usually come across. Who’d have thought that in the Canary Islands would reside a master welder of titanium, who creates… Read more »