Terrible One

Terrible One Barcode

There’s plenty of dictionary definitions of ‘terrible’ — and none of them are pleasant. Most of them run along the lines of very shocking and upsetting or very bad or unpleasant. Although appearances can be deceiving, none of them apply… Read more »

T1 Ti Barcode

A favourite book on my shelf is called Rad Rides, a compendium of the Best BMX Bikes Of All Time. It’s a must-read for any fan, exploring the world of the hardcore BMX collector. Many of the featured bikes are… Read more »

Zodiac Engineering Terrible One

This is the latest iteration of Ken Spaulding’s Terrible One. If you happened to invest in the 2011 Cycle EXIF Calendar, you’ll remember its first incarnation in April in raw steel that served double duty as a display stand for… Read more »

Terrible One Custom

A great thing about steel is that the more you beat it into submission, the better it looks. Joe Stevenson’s Terrible One is not only capable of brute strength, it’s also refined and articulate.