The Netherlands

Batavus Old Dutch Leather

How many of us sit for hours every day in front of a computer screen? We’re all connected — except for those who choose to live ‘off the grid’ — by the internet, and many of us rely on the… Read more »

Van Nicholas 650b Pioneer

For the bicycle tourist, Japan is a heavenly destination — one filled simultaneously with bright excitement and serene hideaways. You can pitch a tent just about anywhere, the locals are polite, the scenery and culture is spellbinding, and so is… Read more »

Colossi Rambler Road

With the myriad of options for frames, accessories and apparel out there, it can be very daunting for a new cyclist to know which is going to be a worthwhile investment — or a stash of cash and time down… Read more »

St Joris Cycles Evil Plan

The legend of St George and the Dragon, while adopted by the Christian tradition, is actually Eastern in origin, brought back by the Crusaders. He is the Patron Saint of England, but he is called St Joris in Dutch and… Read more »

Primarius Road

There are a lot of beautiful bicycles riding around The Netherlands, although most of them are heavy, built to withstand a nuclear blast and look like they have. The emphasis is on most. Primarius, on the other hand, produce artisan… Read more »

Braun Cycling ‘Beauty’

A Classics season in full swing is a vibrant reminder of how cycling is a big part of European sporting life. Well, after football. Having said that, who can name a Dutch custom framebuilder? Not many will come to mind.… Read more »

Concorde Squadra

There’s a little detail on the top tube of this Concorde Squadra that reveals the true origin of the Dutch marque: a brazed-on Italian flag. The device can also be found on Ciöcc frames, who supplied Concorde with frames to… Read more »