Tommasini Super Prestige

Colour plays a huge part in the work of Will Goodan, a creative director born and raised in LA, but now residing in the electrically colourful city of Tokyo. His studio, Kanzen Lazer, is known for extremely eye-catching still and… Read more »

Tommasini Diamante MS

Today’s Tommasini catalog is still predominantly steel, more so than most Italian contemporaries, with no less than seven models compared to three carbon, three aluminium and one titanium. It’s no wonder, as Irio Tommasini formed his reputation by building superb… Read more »

Tommasini Super Prestige

Normally the site of a paddock filled with Echium Plantagineum, or Patterson’s Curse, would fill the heart of an Australian cattle man with dread. The purple flowers and shoots are poisonous to grazing livestock, but Andy ‘Fyxomatosis’ White manages to… Read more »

Tommasini Strada

Simon Rich recently sent through some photos of his Tommasini Strada that had been built up with the usual level of perfection by Melbourne’s Dan Hale of Shifterbikes. He mentioned how he struggled to capture the eyeball-searing florescence of the… Read more »