Van Hulsteijn

Van Hulsteijn

If you’re interested in bicycles and have access to the internet, you’ll surely have seen the amazing frames by Herman Van Hulsteijn, which caused quite a sensation upon their launch. Herman is a Dutch designer whose focus has shifted to include frame design. It’s been said there’s not much improvement that can be made to the traditional diamond bicycle frame, so kudos to anyone who can marry an alternate layout with grace and style.

This is a prototype edition, owned by Hadrien Le Flanchec, who proudly announces it is the perfect vehicle for carousing the streets of his hometown, Paris. I’d imagine the Softride-esque top tube would absorb plenty of the vibrations caused by navigating the cobblestoned rues. Hadrien perfectly matched a pair of H+Son rims and Miche hubs, a San Marco Regal saddle, FSA cranks and MKS pedals, retaining the decorative aesthetic. Hadrien is running a fixed 46×16 gear ratio, but a Van Hulsteijn frame can be configured with a two-speed Sturmey Archer hub, or a derailleur.

Special thanks to Hadrien Le Flanchec for the fine photography. You can find out more about Van Hulsteijn frames on their website.

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Van Hulsteijn
Van Hulsteijn
Van Hulsteijn
Van Hulsteijn
Van Hulsteijn
Van Hulsteijn

  • Bored_n_confused

    I love the lines on this.

    The only thing that lets it down is the dropout design, it just looks too much like an afterthought compared to the rest of the frame.
    I hope this will be corrected before it goes into production as it spoils an incredible frame design.

    • Hadrien Le Flanchec

      It is already in production ! Mine is just a prototype of a special polish edition.

  • chris

    ¡Ay, caramba!

  • Anonymous

    always wanted one… for my living room

  • Albie


  • 13strong

    My main problem with this would be mounting / dismounting. Presumably you would have to mount from behind, which is OK, but dismounting would mean jumping off the back of the bike – not great.

    Or am I missing something?