WIT Industries x Schatzi

WIT Industries x Schatzi

This is the second installment in the series coordinated by WIT Industries between Dutch marque Koga and street artists from The Netherlands. Each artist is given a Koga Senko frame and wheels to decorate, the final result is a rolling art gallery.

The first project introduced Zenk One, a local graffiti artist and illustrator, the second is a collaboration with Schatzi, also known as Doug Perkul. An American painter / illustrator who now lives in Amsterdam, Doug has shown his art work internationally, having had shows in Vienna, Austria, San Francisco, USA and is currently gearing up for his first show in Amsterdam.

Olaf Wit is the founder of WIT Industrial Design and creator of the Fendor Bendor, whose earlier concepts include the Spyker Aeroblade and the Koga Kimera track bike, which won gold for Marianne Vos at the Beijing Olympics. See more of Schatzi’s work on his portfolio site. Special thanks to Maarten van Houten for the photography.

WIT Industries x Schatzi
WIT Industries x Schatzi
WIT Industries x Schatzi
WIT Industries x Schatzi
WIT Industries x Schatzi
WIT Industries x Schatzi

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  • mee

    Whats with the black background lately

  • area man

    i can’t wait until someone destroys those wheels.

  • TC

    Looks really good.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dimypap Dim-itri’os Ev-angelos Pap’the

    i dig the wheels.!. 😎 … this bike is all about the wheels…

  • Kyle

    sure wish i could see the frame…..

  • cubbyhatesyourbike

    fuck this bike

  • noah

    I think the black bike and background are just to accent the rims.