YiPsan Bicycles Café Racer

YiPsan Bicycles Cafe Racer

The 2012 North American Handmade Bicycle Show provides plenty of eye candy for lovers of beautiful bicycles, from the casual enthusiast to the Keepers of The Flame who have been plying their craft for many years. Yet it’s these builders, who are the real focus of the Show, who will feel the pressure until the moment the Awards are announced. Renold Yip, of YiPsan Bicycles, is used to the routine, he won both the Best City Bike and the People’s Choice Awards in 2010.

This is one of two bikes that Renold revealed to the world via his flickr yesterday, a sleek café racer that’s a nostalgic hat-tip to the bike he rode in his early years. Renold is based in Fort Collins, Colorado, which, he tells us, has a vastly greater bicycle culture than his home town of Hong Kong. For the past ten years he has been honing his skills and is now receiving the recognition he deserves.

Say hello to Renold at Stand #505 in Sacramento this weekend, where he’ll be showing off his café racer and a gorgeous 650b randonneur.

YiPsan Bicycles Cafe Racer
YiPsan Bicycles Cafe Racer
YiPsan Bicycles Cafe Racer
YiPsan Bicycles Cafe Racer
YiPsan Bicycles Cafe Racer

  • Guest

    Beautiful, but those Deore cranks don´t match wit the rest of the bike.

  • Embarassed

    That is one of the worst looking bikes I have ever seen.  Like something a 8yr old would make.

    •  Send me a link to your bikes?

  • Cinelliguru

    Massive fail.

    lol @ editor – gets shitty if you say anything negative about what he posts

    • Nah, I just appreciate how much time and effort these guys put into what they do.

  • Dennis

     I like this one. While I can look at expensive race bikes all day, it’s nice to see something different once in a while. I’d definitely like to ride this one; I’d be curious how it handled. As far as aesthetics go, I like the Deore cranks too. I think they go with the disc brakes and levers. I like the combination of “nostalgic hat-tip to the bike he rode in his early years” (I’m assuming this refers to the colors and to the banana seat) and the less nostalgic, harder aesthetic of the mtb components. It’s the combination of both those elements (as well as the frame design, of course) that definitely gives this bike the café racer feel. I think it would be cool to have a single round headlight in the middle of the handlebar to really complete the look.

  • Adrian Frey

    while i would never be unimpressed by the level of skill involved in constructing the bikes that are on display at NAHBS, i’m starting to question the bikes themselves.

    is this bike even made to be ridden?  you’d be hanging off the back on that seat with your legs all squished up and your arms desperately trying to reach those oh so hip handlebars.

    this one is just a weird mish-mash of styles that don’t really work together.

  • Guest

    I think you could probably sit on that seat in the usual bicycling position and then you’d have room behind you for your sweetheart, a dog with especially good balance, or perhaps your lunch if it was strapped down. It should probably have some fold-out pegs back there on the seatstays in case you did have an extra passenger behind you. It would probably be much safer than having them sit on the handlebars like we used to do when I was young.

  • ininbita

    It’s a bike out of the ordinary. The position seat-pedals seems correct, also the distance to handlebars.
    The handlebars be low by 80% of cyclists, but can easily raise 10 cm or more.
    Amazing 180º long front fender! nice idea.The frame lines are super, contrasting colors and I like it,
    a pretty pretty bike!

  • 8 years olds are always having the best time. This bike looks fun. I dig it. Keep doing your own thing.

  • Beautifully done but absolutely pointless.

  • I love it – reminds me of my first bike, beautifully done. Its not supposed to be ergonomically correct, its like a chopper, it just is because it is..

  • Anonymous

    We saw this one in person……and fell in like with it. It spoke to us in several ways…..well-crafted, stood out from the crowd, and is a mash up that works in our eyes. We see it as a bmx cruiser, board tracker, Stingray, commuter, and gravity bike kind-of-thing. It is not for everyone for sure……but for folks looking for the local cruising oddity……they will dig it. This guy, Renold, does some more specific beauties……….track, road, cross, etc.

  • servalan

    Fucking bikes snobs. hahahaha