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Clamont Professional by Matt Leasegang

Pretty in Pink: Clamont Professional


In July, at the 2015 Pushies Galore show in Brisbane, photographer Matt Leasegang came across a bike for sale that he couldn’t pass by. It was this magenta Clamont Professional, and it was offered for sale by the very man who built it, Australia’s own Geoff Scott.

Clamont White Track

Clamont White Track

Geoff Scott is a living legend of the Aussie custom frame industry. He’s a gruff, straight-up bloke who doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and has built frames for Olympic and Commonwealth Games gold medal winners, under his own branded Gefsco bikes and, later, for Clarence Street Cyclery’s Clamont brand. Clarence Street Cyclery, Sydney’s oldest bike shop,…

Clamont Professional

The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore, has overcome near-insurmountable odds to transform the Harbour City into a relatively bike-friendly city, ignoramus talkback…