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Cycle EXIF is an online collection of the world’s most beautiful bicycles. That means new and classic road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX, track and fixed, all-roaders and tourers — with a specific focus on the custom and handmade bike industry. The first bike went live in August 2010 and there’s now over a thousand bikes in the Archives.

Bicycles are a passionate pursuit but I’m also passionate about writing, design, photography and craft. Cycle EXIF is my way to combine all three and connect with others who share the same interests. I get lots of questions about this site: here are the answers to the most common ones.


Who are you and where are you based?
My name’s Adam Leddin and I live in a coastal suburb south of Sydney, Australia. I was born and raised in Orange NSW and I’m still a country boy at heart. After school, I left for the big smoke, studied graphic design, worked as a bike messenger, then in the creative industries for 25 years before moving south.

What bike do you ride?
There’re a few bikes in my garage, ranging from my Sven Cycles and Stanforth dirt tourers and an On-One il Pompino single speed to a classic Italian Campagnolo-equipped Conti racer and ‘crappy old ten speed’ Ricardo Nuovo.

What does ‘EXIF’ mean?
It stands for ‘Exchangeable Image File format’. This is the data captured by a digital camera when a photo is taken, and often stored within an image file. Basically, Cycle EXIF means photos of bicycles. It’s also the ‘baby bro’ site of Bike EXIF, one of the world’s most-read motorcycle culture blogs, which was founded by my good mate Chris Hunter.

Is Cycle EXIF your full-time job?
Not yet, but hopefully one day. I work full-time during the day in a graphic design agency and Cycle EXIF is my full-time hobby, and a creative release.

Can I submit my own bike?
Of course! That’s what Cycle EXIF is here for. If you’re a frame builder, photographer, rider or owner, I’d love to hear from you. Email me

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