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The 90s Will Rise Again: Andy's Cannondale R600

The 90’s Will Rise Again: Andy’s Cannondale R600


By guest author Rangga Panji, Pancalen Cycles. As much as the coveted ‘classic’ bicycles, the specimens from the last decade of the twentieth century tickled my fancy. This could be attributed to many an experiment in design and materials, namely aluminum, that brought us unique or iconic — if not quirky — bicycles as the…

Cannondale 3.0 Series Track

Cannondale 3.0 Series Track


After nearly twenty-two years since it was released, Cannondale‘s 3.0 Series Track bike is still one of the most popular models from its entire catalog. Perhaps its because the uncluttered lines of the track frame is the best to admire their trademark oversized aluminium tubes.

Velo City: Bicycle Culture and City Life

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