A-train Cycles City Cruiser

A-train Cycles City Cruiser

Most of the bikes that come out of Alex Cook’s Minneapolis workshop, A-train Cycles, are robust ‘cross and road machines built from stainless steel, but just before he embarked on a recent backpacking adventure, he finished off something that’s a departure from his usual repertoire: an elegant townie that still looks ready to shred trails. Read More »

Firefly Bicycles All-road Tourer

Fireflys All-road Tourer

A custom frame is a very significant and enjoyable investment, but not one that should be entered into lightly. Every detail must be confirmed, from the drivetrain to the smallest bolt. It can be an arduous process, it’s true, but that day when you finally see that bike freshly built up… well, you’d feel like a groom gazing upon his bride.

Tyler, Jamie and Kevin of Boston’s Firefly Bicycles are well versed in counselling the prospective customer to ensure the new frame is a perfect match. Even when the customer lives in Utrecht. Ad Vermaas flew from The Netherlands to Boston to receive his new Firefly, then promptly turned around and flew back to Europe with it to embark on a Romanian tour. Read More »



Two fresh bikes from two completely separate workshops from the Czech Republic in one week… what is in the water over there? First the raw elemental energy of SingleBe’s singlespeed and now the svelte sleekness of REPETE’s Reborn — both can be described, and correct me if this is bad grammar, as the definition of tmavý. Read More »

Cinelli Porteur

Cinelli Porteur

Many consider Paris to be the most beautiful city in the world. I am one of them. Today, it is a very modern city, cloaked in glorious, age-old buildings and ancient history. During the 1930s, only 80 years ago, the great-grandfathers of Parisian messengers were delivering 15kg or so of daily newspapers on their racks and participating in sanctioned alley-cat races. Read More »

Ben’s Field Cycles Commuter

Ben's Field Cycles Commuter

The 101st Tour de France rolls towards its regular rendezvous with the Champs-Élysées tomorrow, which feels like a very short three weeks since I was cheering the sprinters along the Harrogate high street. Yorkshire was a colourful county that weekend and local builders Field Cycles are intent on keeping it that way. This single speed commuter is one of their most recent frames. Read More »

Morvélo x Aroe

Morvelo x Aroe

Back in the early 90s, when I studied Graphic Design, there was somewhat of a Sydney graffiti artist alumni in the year above me. It was an honour to study amongst them, for they did things with typography that rivalled any David Carson or Neville Brody.

Therefore, I love seeing aerosol art done well, even more so when it’s applied to a bicycle, like this collaboration between Morvélo Bicycle Apparel, Kinesis Bikes UK, Reynolds Wheels and one of the United Kingdom’s most famous — and infamous — graf artists: Aroe. Read More »

Dain’s Black Cat

Dain's Black Cat

Todd Ingermanson of California’s Black Cat Bicycles describes himself as a one-man dance party, and with Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats playing in the background, it would definitely be a helluva do. Todd has been building a stack of mountain bike frames lately, but he’s well known for his equally individual road frames. Read More »