Spritz, Prega: Bice Bicycles 27.5" MTB

Spritz, Prega: Bice Bicycles 27.5″ MTB


Dario Colombo has been building frames commercially for a number of years now. He’s based in Verderio, which is in-between Como and Monza, but closest to Bergamo. This 27.5″ off-road racer was a design challenge, but one with a successful outcome.

Black Swan Dreaming: Ben's Perth Dekerf

Black Swan Dreaming: Ben’s Perth Dekerf

It’s nearly 15,000kms from Perth, the capital of Western Australia, to Vancouver, the most populated city in Canada. That makes Ben’s Dekerf a widely-travelled ride…

The Icy Ti Sky: The New No22 Aurora

The Icy Ti Sky: The New No.22 Aurora

The guys at No.22 Bicycle Company have just added a new model to their lineup of US-made titanium frames: The disc-braked, carbon seat tubed Aurora…