All-City Space Horse

All-City Space Horse

Choo is a photographer that’s based in Singapore, a city that, traditionally, has a massive cycling culture. He’s part of a new generation of cyclists riding the streets that see the bicycle as a beautiful object, not just a utilitarian tool. The All-City Space Horse is both, but Choo has built up a very special interpretation of it.

During his business day, Choo has to transport himself around the city of Singapore quickly, without too much consideration for the well being of his bike. The Space Horse is a robust unit and Choo selected parts that matched, dressing up the frame as a timeless classic with white bar tape and brown Schwalbe Big Apple tires.

The other components consist of no-nonsense Dia-Compe brake levers, Shimano 105 calipers and derailleurs, actuated by indexed Shimano 600 down tube shifters. Mavic A319 trekking rims, laced to 105 hubs, will provide reliable rolling and the chainrings should look familiar to lovers of the modern classic: the wholly misunderstood, ovalised Shimano Biopace.

Choo is also the founder and a member of “Slow Biking Singapore”, a Singapore-based group that place a special emphasis on practical cycling. Head to their Facebook page for more information.

All-City Space Horse
All-City Space Horse

  • Suzaku

    A nice bike that looks a lot more expensive than it is with solid component choices. Love the Schawlbe tires and color-matching brake hoods. Those grey Shimano cantis stick out like a sore thumb, though.

  • Not a fan of tube shifters, but I sure like the style of this ride.

    • Tube shifters rock. Simple. Light. Reliable. Easy to reach unless your shoulder joints are fused.

  • Adam

    The things that stuck out for me were the poor housing routing for the rear brake (!), the fact that the cycling computer was on the wrong side of the fork, that someone thought bio pace was a good idea, and that their wheel builder is so clueless as the valve is between spoke crossings. I’m sure this bike rides just fine, these are not impediments to function, but the details on this build are horrible. Amateurish.

    • adam

      Hah, I just realized they photo shopped the location of the valve between the first and last photos. Hilarious.

      • Choo

        Hi Adam! Thanks for your comments. I am the owner of the bike, and photographer of the pictures. I can assure you that these valves are not ‘shopped 🙂 They are as you see them in the first picture. What you think you saw in the last picture is probably some kind of optical illusion due to the angle of the wheels relative to the camera angle.

        • Choo

          Do advise about the ‘poor housing routing for the rear brake’, I would really like to improve this bike if neccessary. Also, do advise which is the ‘correct side’ to mount the cycling computer. It works fine for me so far.

          Thanks again!

          • OldBikeGuy

            Your cable routings all look fine to me. A very nice bike too!

          • B

            nothing wrong with biopace. i have it on my city dweller and it works fine, actually i find it very comfortable after a long day in the saddle

            the cycle comp. is on the correct side, the rear brake housing pfft. when im setting up oldschool brakes i like the cables to come up to the same height before trailing them to their brakes. Everything looks fine man great job. question is it 6spd or 10spd with 6spd index shifters?

    • Sebastian

      I’m not convinced that Adam knows anything about cycling beyond looking at pictures of show bikes on the internet.

  • Cooker

    Adam, don’t be a hater. Is there even a correct side for the cycling computer?
    What are you? Picking on thinks which has no issues. Mr expert…. Pffft what more do you want from the rear brake housing? What is wrong? Sounds like you dont even own a bicycle

    • Cooker


      • sss

        it’s a safety issue. on the back edge, it can flip into the spokes.

        • OldBikeGuy

          Uh, the brake cable housing cannot possibly get tangled in the spokes since it’s only passes along the seat tube. So are you speaking of Shifter housing or Brake housing? In either case there is nothing wrong with the cable routing.

  • Joel Navascues

    as a classic roadie enthusiast, I can say that this is a beautiful bike…and by the way, THERE IS NO CORRECT SIDE for cyclo computers! it’s your call where to put it..and there is absolutely nothing wrong in the cable routing….love those canti brakes!…suggestion: high-flange hubs would make this bike a lot prettier! have a safe ride Choo!

  • Joel Navascues

    here’s my baby…i tried to make every component period-correct as much as possible….classic road bike rules! hope you guys like it…