Gear: The Wheel Dishing Tool

Wheelbuilding, believe it or not, isn’t a dark art. It’s as much a matter of physics as any aspect of engineering. It takes dedication, the correct parts, and a bit of practice, and there’s little more satisfying than riding around… Read more »

Golden Age Cinema Bike Nite

Cycle EXIF is proud to present a special night for Sydney-based lovers of cycling culture. This Wednesday night, the 15th of October 2014, we’ll host two special velo films and a reading by one of my favourite authors of one… Read more »

House Industries Velo Collection

Delaware’s House Industries recently made the headlines with the marvellous branding work they created for Richard Sachs and his cyclocross team, and his retrospective exhibition that was held at Rapha’s New York Cycle Club. Riding high on that wave, the… Read more »

Gear: Hermes Sport VK Wheel Systems

By guest writer Richard Gearing. Interbike is an annual bike industry merry-go-round that often yields a slew of product launches — some hot, others not. One set of products launched there this year that has been brought to our attention… Read more »

Gear: Chrome Warm™

Urban cyclists are spoilt for apparel choice these days, with more and more gear on the scene that is both functional and fashionable. We’ve even managed to make fluorescent colours fashionable, something I’d never thought I’d see in my lifetime.… Read more »

Gear: Gevenalle BURD

The Australian sun is a harsh one, and it is in the annual process of drying out the mud of the recent winter. The northern hemisphere, however, is gearing up for one of the biggest cyclcocross seasons ever, as ‘cross… Read more »

Review: Wheelworks Rail 52

By guest writer Richard Gearing. The road bike wheel market is a veritable minefield at the moment — options range from below $300 to far beyond $3000; from box section aluminium to deep section carbon; from narrow, ‘old format’ widths… Read more »