Insight: Geekhouse x Cuppow CX

Marty Walsh’s Geekhouse Bikes may very well be the funnest custom bike brand out there. Instantly recognisable by their eye-searing paint schemes, they can be spotted on terrains all over the world but they are perhaps most prolific on the… Read more »

Gear: Gevenalle Brake Pads

It’s a fundamental truth that life moves in cycles. To quote MCA: “Season’s change when it comes their time, Falls brings the Winter and on back to Springtime”. At a base level, it wasn’t that long ago that we were… Read more »

Gear: Common Fibers Wallets

A few months ago, Myles at Washington’s Common Fibers reached out and asked if I’d be interested in trying one of their carbon fiber wallets. Sure, I replied, remaining as sceptical of the material when it came to accessories as… Read more »

John Boultbee Leather Goods

The Brooks England catalog has undergone a revolution over the last couple of years, adding new additions to their range of superb products that still upholds the integrity and ethos of the band that John Boultbee Brooks founded in 1866.

KRES Cycles & Apparel

If there’s one indication that Melbourne is Australia’s capital of cycling — and style — it’s the swathe of new brands offering a variety of jerseys, socks and kit to the fashionably-conscious cyclist. The majority of those labels feature variations… Read more »

Gear: Speedvagen Team Kit Preorder

You don’t have to own a Speedvagen to appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of Sacha White and the Vanilla Bikes crew. The frames are some of the most respected on the road and CX circuits. Now you can show your… Read more »

Gear: Showers Pass Double Century RTX

A fitted waterproof outer shell jacket is one of the best investments an all-weather cyclist can make. Of course, no jacket will prevent water seeping in after hours of riding in a torrential downpour, but showers do pass, and until… Read more »