Review: Wheelworks Maker Wheelset

From Cycle EXIF’s technical correspondent, Richard Gearing. Back in July 2014, Wheelworks sent us a set of their wheels to review. Not long after this, and unbeknown to most, they began developing their very own rim. That new rim —… Read more »

Review: Levi’s® Commuter™ Backpack

As a result of a few years of messengering, I’ve developed a strong portage addiction. Messenger bags, backpacks, hip packs, fanny packs; whatever form they are, I’m fascinated by the strength of their construction, their materials, and their ability to… Read more »

Gear: Silca Artist Edition Richard Sachs

The cyclocross team of Richard Sachs is not only very capable, it is also one of the best looking on the circuit — thanks in no small part to the design sensibilities of House Industries, and the skill of Sach’s… Read more »

Review: SQlab Saddles

From Cycle EXIF’s technical correspondent, Richard Gearing. I forget how I came across the SQlab ‘Super6.1’ saddle, but having seen it I had to know more and, as a fan of carbon saddles and the surprising comfort they offer, was… Read more »

Gear: AETHER Apparel Pre-Fall 2015

In the first issue of Rapha’s Mondial magazine there is a great article about Jan Gehl, the celebrated Danish architect who is dedicated to making cities more accessible for human beings and, in particular, cyclists. Urban cycling and commuting is… Read more »

Gear: SILCA HX-One

Some of my most treasured possessions are my grandfather’s woodworking tools, not only because they still work reliably, but for the chips and nicks in the handles, the drips of paint and stains, and the smell of old wood and… Read more »

Brooks Cambium C13 #backontherivet

While I was in the UK for the 2015 Eroica Britannia, I had the incredible honour and pleasure of holding one of the first Brooks Cambium C13 saddles. The 13 refers to it’s 130mm width, but it is an appropriate… Read more »