English Cycles 29er

Pedalers Fork in Calabasas, in Los Angeles County, is a bike shop, cafe and restaurant that looks like a damn nice place to hang out. It would help, but is not completely necessary, to be passionate about bikes and cycling… Read more »

Salsa Beargrease ‘Ursula’

We’ve spotted the Salsa Beargrease on the pages of Cycle EXIF before, most notably being our review of it, riding along the soft sandy terrain of Sydney’s Cronulla Beaches. The bike raised the ire of a few readers because of… Read more »

Rosko 650b MTB

It’s ironic that for a city as large as New York, space is such a rare commodity. More often than not, frame builders have to work in shoebox-sized garages or basements. The bikes made by Seth Rosko are created in… Read more »

Victoire Cycles 29er MTB

Within a week, the Clermont-Ferrand workshop of Victoire Cycles had turned out two very different custom mountain bikes, for two very different customers. This is the more petite of the two, built for a female rider, but it’s no less… Read more »

Vanguard AMP Research x Mercedes Benz

We tend to snigger at the attempts by automotive manufacturers to broach the bicycle market. B-grade bikes branded with the logos of cars are a dime-a-dozen, but Mercedes-Benz were on the right track when they conscripted AMP Research to supply… Read more »

Matter Cycles Adventure Shred Benefat

For those of us in the southern hemisphere, Winter is really beginning to dig its heels in. And while the mercury doesn’t plunge to the depths that it does in Boulder, Colorado, where Collin Schaafsma and Matter Cycles is based,… Read more »

Blitz Machines Mt Arthur

The traditional name for New Zealand’s Mount Arthur is Tuao Wharepapa. To the chagrin of most New Zealanders, it can best be described as a place straight out of Middle Earth: an ancient chunk of hard, crystalline marble, that hides… Read more »