For those of us who grew up watching Johnny T drop down hills with drop bars and remember Missy Giove’s piranha, the sight of a US-made Yeti ARC dripping with anodised accessories can rouse more than just fond memories. During… Read more »

Hunter Chameleon ATB

When Rick Hunter was profiled on the Rapha site after he built a bike for their Continental team, he stated that his frames were “Made with Nonchalance and Pride”. It’s a loaded remark, one that implies carelessness, but if you… Read more »

Pelagro ProFlex

The inventor of the ProFlex mountain bike, Bob Girvin, set the scene alight with his revolutionary frame and fork designs. A former aerospace engineer, his ideas culminated in the world’s first mass-produced, full suspension mountain bike. Critics didn’t think full… Read more »

Shand Cycles Fat Tyre Stoater

Fat tyre bikes have been enjoying a renaissance recently. While more road cyclists discover the joys of upping a tire size and grinding some gravel, adventure cyclists, fat bikers and ‘bike packers’ astound us with epic overland journeys through sand… Read more »

Kindhuman Rhebok

Have you ever dreamed of being a sponsored cyclist, paid to travel the world and ride your bike? Most professionals will tell you it’s not as glamorous as it’s made out to be, but not an experience they would trade… Read more »

Garage 271 Lightning

With every passing season bicycles, and especially mountain bikes, continue to evolve — whether it’s a chainring that doesn’t drop a chain, a new linkage system or a new wheel size. Simultaneously, there’s an equal interest in the ‘old school’.… Read more »

Mountain Mule Cycles

Travelling multi-national distances by bicycle isn’t new, but it’s encouraging to see more and more intrepid riders loading up a bike and setting out for the horizon. A credit card might not take up too much space, but for complete… Read more »