Brooklyn Machine Works Park Bike

New York’s enigmatic Brooklyn Machine Works was founded from a larger-than-life punk aesthetic. Established in 1997 by Joe Avedisian and Chris ‘Doc’ Bourdreaux, their frames confused a lot of riders by being built from steel in an aluminum age —… Read more »

August Wheelworks 29er

This Friday heralds the weekend of 2014’s Bespoked Bristol — the UK Handmade Bicycle Show. It’s a grand event, not just for its recent stratospheric rise in popularity, but because it’s a celebration of the craft from a country steeped… Read more »

Cannondale Trail 24

It may seem like a bit of an April Fools’ Day joke to you, but if you’re a hardcore mountainbiking dad and your son says he’s interested in racing off road… well, it’s time to get serious. The Cannondale Trail… Read more »

Stanforth Bikes Kibo

In 1985 two cousins, Nicholas and Richard Crane, rode their Saracen mountain bikes to the summit of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro. Inspired by that epic adventure, Simon Stanforth has established the Stanforth Bikes brand and the first model is named… Read more »

Crema Cycles Static 29er

Last weekend’s 2014 Berliner Fahrradschau revealed a few surprises, as you’d expect from such a central European and bike-friendly location. If you looked closely, among the electric assisted cargo bikes and fiets, you might have spotted this handsome 29er from… Read more »

PVD TRON Light Cycle

Peter Verdone has a penchant for vehicles from popular science fiction culture. Who doesn’t? The last of his bikes featured here was the Warp Drive Engin, there’s already a PodRacerOne in his suite and today reveals the TRON Light Cycle.… Read more »

Fikas Bikes 29er

Riding road bikes on gravel roads is all very well, but if you’ve been thinking it’s time to get serious, perhaps it’s time to ride something a little more purpose built. Luke Laffan of Australia’s Fikas Bikes just completed this… Read more »