Road Bicycles

Nua Bikes SC-01

One of the most likeable innovations to cross over to the world of the bicycle from that of the motorcycle has to be the belt drive. It all looks good on paper: cleaner and quieter than a chain, longer lasting… Read more »

Sven Cycles Super Light

13.9lb, or 6.3kg, isn’t a bad old weight for a steel road bike now, is it? With his latest build, Weymouth’s Darron Coppin has silenced the naysayers who claim steel is generally a heavier frame material than aluminium or carbon… Read more »

Zanconato Road32

Steel, aluminium or carbon? What’s your favourite material for a frame? These days, a custom frame in any is very accessible — you needn’t feel like you have to resort to a mass produced frame by choosing the latter two.… Read more »

Legor Cicli Road

We have different reasons for riding the bikes we ride. They fulfil certain requirements for stages of our cycling, and each delivers an individual experience. The story about how each came to be to in our possession is revealing, but… Read more »

Caletti Cycles Red Cap Project

If you’re a cinema buff, you might be starting to recognise some visual references in the theme of the latest bike from John Caletti: the Santa Cruz-based builder has created a rolling homage to Wes Anderson’s film, The Life Aquatic… Read more »

Jaegher Phantom

If you didn’t know any better, you’d assume Belgium’s Jaegher Cycles were another well-branded startup with a frame builder on board. Jaegher was actually founded in 1934 and built bikes for many lauded racers, including a certain fellow countryman named… Read more »

Field Cycles Super Record Road

Most Britons with any interest in popular music will recognise the name of Keane, the synthpop group whose albums have topped charts on both sides of the Atlantic and have been voted by Q Magazine readers as among the Best… Read more »