Touring Bicycles

Sven Cycles 650b Roadster

On the front page of the Sven Cycles website is the image of their award granted by the 2014 UK Handmade Bicycle Show, Bespoked Bristol, for Best Touring Bike. It’s a well-deserved trophy, and Darron Sven Coppin, along with Andrew… Read more »

Stanforth Bikes Kibo+

If you’re disconsolate about Land Rover’s discontinuation of its Defender line at the end of this year, take heart, you can always invest in what must be the ultimate two-wheeled version of it: Stanforth Bikes’ Kibo+.

Wraith Paycheck

Racing 2,500 miles of European mountains and countryside. Unsupported. Think you could do it? What bike would you ride? There’s plenty of options, and the number grows each season, as more riders accept the challenge of the Transcontinental Race, a… Read more »

Toad Custom Cycles Light Tourer

Culturally, toads get a pretty bad rap compared to their often prettier cousins: frogs. Their dry, leathery skin and short legs lend them a bristly personality, but be assured there’s nothing ugly about this light tourer from England’s Toad Custom… Read more »

Mather Cycles Adventure Tourer

Back in 2014, Robin Mather designed and built Nick Hand of the Letterpress Collective a cargo-style bike that could carry an Adana printing press. Together, they rode with it from Bristol to Mainz in Germany, where Johannes Gutenberg invented printing… Read more »

Royal H Cycles Old Man Sweater Rando

Sure, it’s a funny name. And the geometry might not be what you’re used to seeing either. But the story behind the latest build from Massachusetts’s Royal H Cycles is one of a very tall customer who needed a bike… Read more »

Rowan Frameworks Blue Tourer

The Bicycle Academy is a frame building school in Somerset, England, that’s dedicated to teaching anyone wanting to learn how to make their own bike. They do a good job: Timmy Rowan of Rowan Frameworks is a recent graduate who… Read more »