Deus CYCLEWORKS ‘Carby’ Road

Deus CYCLEWORKS 'Carby' Road

It’s been a real inspiration to witness the evolution of Deus Ex Machina, purveyors of custom café racer motorcycles and exemplary riding gear. The House of Simple Pleasures, in Camperdown, Sydney, was the first location to house the vision of Dare Jennings, founder of legendary surfwear brand Mambo, before expanding to the Temple of Enthusiasm in Bali and the Emporium of Postmodern Activities in Venice, CA. Recently, Deus opened up shop in Milan, Italy, where the country’s love for cycling has spawned the rebirth of Deus CYCLEWORKS. Here’s the first model in what will be an exciting new line of human-powered, two-wheeled wonders, the Carby Road bike.

In a departure from the classic steel racing frames that Italy has traditionally been famous for, the base of the Carby is a Columbus Genius monocoque frame mated to a custom fork. It’s been dressed with a livery designed in-house by Emanuele Vicinanza, who heads up the Deus CYCLEWORKS operation in Milan, and kitted out with a 2014 22-speed SRAM Red groupset. Emanuele also specified Rotor cranks and ovalised 52-36 teeth Q-Rings. ZIPP supplied the accessories, such as the stem, seat post and handlebar, while the wheels consist of tubular Reynolds Sixty Six. The Carby is a bold move, certain to win over the Italian cycling fans of Deus Ex Machina.

Deus CYCLEWORKS 'Carby' Road
Deus CYCLEWORKS 'Carby' Road
Deus CYCLEWORKS 'Carby' Road
Deus CYCLEWORKS 'Carby' Road
Deus CYCLEWORKS 'Carby' Road

  • snobby guy

    Not sure I’m feeling it. It doesn’t quite play to the custom bicycle other than the paint, and even then. It could easily be a generic carbon frame and no one would know the difference…

  • another snobby guy

    Deus should stick to tarting up japanese motorbikes and selling t-shirts.

    Fail on so many levels.

  • Farmer John

    Deus, Why?
    What is the story behind this and what sort of story can be told with this? Seems off brand, especially since the carbon road race market is on the down turn.
    This lacks the sense of adventure, originality, and colaberation your brand is know for. Carbon blanks are a dime -a- dozen these days and a multi colored paintjob just isnt enough.

  • Fred

    Looks like a Boardman with that font and paint.

  • Andrew Felix

    Watch that cross wind.

  • Aaron

    Gotta love the choice to photograph this uber-aero bike in a cracking-on-a-mountain gear.