Dutch & Wolf Colnago Master 30th

Dutch & Wolf Colnago Master

The Colnago Master is celebrating its 30th Anniversary with a re-release of the classic frame, a summation of the craft and passion the Italian marque is built upon. Colnago’s premium distributor in the UK, Dutch & Wolf, built up one of the 30th Anno Masters in Saronni Red.

Mark McGrath, director at Dutch & Wolf, explains the build: “We took a little inspiration from 50s old time drag racing cars, hence the 38/50 tubs. This was designed to give it a stance like a Ducati 916. Following on from this we decided to mounted a dual pivot caliper up front and a skeleton on the rear.”

The spec sheet is smattered with Deda, Campagnolo and Chris King, reinforcing the Road Sport intent. “I’m really happy with how it has worked out and the response out on the road is fantastic. I recently completed the Manchester 100 on it, it turned a lot of heads and generated major interest.”

A modern classic, the Master can be built up as a retro ride or a modern racer. Either way, it’s a quintessential chapter of Colnago history, reborn for a new generation of fans. Contact Mark and the crew at Dutch & Wolf to create your own.

Dutch & Wolf Colnago Master
Dutch & Wolf Colnago Master
Dutch & Wolf Colnago Master
Dutch & Wolf Colnago Master
Dutch & Wolf Colnago Master

  • Now&Zen

    The sad thing being all Colnagos as of 2010 are now built in China and not handcrafted in Italy as was the case previously .

    • The Colnago site says the Master is made in Italy. I believe it.

      • as with all companies now , the only things that are still NOT being made in Asia are the high-end models , thus in the case of Colnago the Master with the C59 Italia (don’t know for other models) are still made in Italy, that’s why you have to pay the price to own one of them…

      • Crazypandakills

        In Italy they are able to describe their product as ” Made in Italy” if a minamine off 30% of the work has been done there.
        So what’s 30% ?
        Design ?
        Painting ?
        Packing ?
        Talked about it over lunch ?
        Buy from local frame builders,meet them ,talk to them ,love what they do.

        • Same as in Germany. But i don’t think it’s only 30% ; must be a higher % …
          Totally agree with the last sentence you wrote though.!.

    • Is the build quality worse?

      • Henry

        The headset and stem make the front end look bulky and you lose the small svelte lines of a steel bike. Maybe a nice custom brazed steel stem or something other then black. If there wasn’t chrome on the bike then the carbon wouldn’t look too bad but it really clashes. Maybe a nice aero Campy seatpost and the rims kill it also. I think the aluminum Athena group would of looked perfect on it. Keep it looking period correct but modern touches. Just my .02

    • Dutch & Wolf

      All Colnago Masters are hand built by master builders & painters in the Cambiago factory in Italy. Each Master takes 16 weeks from point of order to final delivery. If you have purchased a Master through Dutch & Wolf we may be able to organise a factory tour for you so you can see how they are built. The C59 Italia is also hand built in the Cambiago factory along side the CF8 Ferrari bike amongst others. This is represented in the cost of each frame.

  • i don’t see the point of using a carbon stem & seatpost ; it’s such a classic & beautiful ride …

    • Brian

      I dig the blend of new tech and classic hand built steel. I recently picked up a cherry ’92 Master Piu and will be building it out similarly.

  • 53/11

    Classic. This thing needs a 17º stem to flow with the horizontal top tube. Or why not use a nice quill stem on a classic lugged frame? I also don’t see the point of using a zero setback seatpost. This suggests the frame is too big for the person it was built up for.

  • Simon Brooks

    A few years back I owned a Master extra light .
    The finish of this frame was poor.
    It must have been made in Italy.

  • C Page

    What’s with that water bottle.