Fast Boy Cycles Burlington Burner

Fast Boy Cycles Burlington Burner

There’s few pleasures in life more honest than a good bike ride. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons for the resurgence of interest in cycling these days. But even cycling can get complicated — just ask any pro racer. The latest machine to emanate from the workshop of Ezra Caldwell and Fast Boy Cycles, however, epitomizes the innocent beauty of the bicycle.

Ezra describes the new build as a ‘neo-retro, lugged, 29er MTB cruiser’, but the criteria was for a ‘hop-on-and-go’ bike. A two-speed, kick shift coaster brake is laced to the rear wheel, powered by a White Industries drive train. As with all Fast Boy Cycles, the paint is understated, this time inspired by a Lotus Cortina. A Brooks leather saddle tops it off, quintessentially matched with cork grips.

Any day a Fast Boy is exhibited on Cycle EXIF is a good day. One was featured in the first week we went live, over two years ago and after all Ezra has been through, his heart-shaped head tube badge is bigger and brighter than ever. The Fast Boy website and blog was recently updated, showcasing Ezra’s previous creations — including his magnificent tourer, which happens to be for sale.

Fast Boy Cycles Burlington Burner
Fast Boy Cycles Burlington Burner
Fast Boy Cycles Burlington Burner
Fast Boy Cycles Burlington Burner

  • Jacob Jaeggli

    Much like my own singlespeed commuter, only good looking. Surely though, Eno cranks are overkill for a drive train with a SA hub as the final drive. Not saying that the hub is bad, it just seems to be taking the direct link out of the final drive. OK, so I confess, I’ve been looking at the kick shift also. Aesthetics aside, I prefer a front brake.

  • Lewn

    I much admire the zen-like simplicity, cork grips aren’t grippy and coaster brakes don’t stop you quickly.

    I’d rather have the bar clutter.


    the essence of a bike
    pure and innocent

    (in my mind I add a rohloff, a front brake….) but then it´s not the same anymore

  • Yep, another awesome utilitarian one. Beautiful fork. And nice selection of low key but beautiful parts. Job well done, sir.

    In response to the kickback, sometimes the Sturmey stops well, sometimes it is grumpy about it. Being in low or high seems to affect it. I have one on an old schwinn and going down the bridge I may use other foot to left the forward pedal while pushing down on other. Never had the stopping problem with a Bendix. but they probably used asbestos. Whatever. I enjoy the Sturmey, it is blast.

  • veloexpat

    thank you for the inspiration for my own project, my frame will now be white and purple not purple and white, being understated is much more classy. The fork is sweet but i will stick with brakes as i live in the mountains and gravity can be life threatining.

  • BezO

    Nice bike! I’m looking to build up something similar except with a front drum brake. Finding a lugged frame with track ends and room for wide tires is proving difficult. At this point, I’m just not willing to spend the necessary money on a custom.

  • dainius

    pure dope!