Vanguard Kestrel MX-Z

Vanguard Kestrel MXZ

In 1989, the mountain bike press weren’t lost for words when reviewing the new Kestrel MX-Z, but you could tell they were astounded by the sight of its monocoque frame. Today, it’s still an eye-catching bike and this example even more so, tidied up by Singapore’s Vanguard Designs. Read More »

Gear: SILCA HX-One


Some of my most treasured possessions are my grandfather’s woodworking tools, not only because they still work reliably, but for the chips and nicks in the handles, the drips of paint and stains, and the smell of old wood and metal. SILCA just added a high-grade set of hex keys to their range, which will develop the same patina over time, and last long enough to absorb memories of your own. Read More »

SingleBe Caleido SSCX

SingleBe Scatto Studio SSCX

When it comes to the custom bike scene, there’s plenty to talk about in the Czech Republic, what with the Podia crew, Festka, Rozzo and Tomas Kutin’s SingleBe Bikes. Creating bikes that aren’t afraid of challenging conventions seem to be a Czech characteristic, like Tomas’ SSCX that was inspired solely by Cinelli’s Scatto Caleido saddle. Read More »

Lady Karma

Lady Karma

Paul Brodie is a name that will be familiar to those old enough to remember when the majority of mountain bikes were made from steel. He’s one of the founding fathers of the Canadian mountain biking scene and these days he teaches Framebuilding 101 at the University of the Fraser Valley.

One of his graduates, Karen Massier, is also the UFV co-ordinator for Framebuilding 101, and other continuing studies programs, and this is now her second frame, which recently won two awards at the 22nd Spring National Cruiser Ride & 10th Annual Bicycle Show & Shine in Richmond, BC, Canada. Read More »

Stelbel Ortica

Stelbel Ortica

The reinstatement of the Stelbel brand is a triumph for both classic cycling fans and fans of the modern steel racing bike. But there is one person who would be positively thrilled to see the new range of bikes from the Italian marque, and that is Stelio Belletti himself.

This is the Stelbel Ortica, the track model from the reinvigorated range, and it’s on a special mission: Marco from Italy’s 10cento Bike Club will be competing upon it in the next Red Hook Crit races in Barcelona and Milano, where it will prove its Italian racing heritage. Read More »

Six-Eleven NB’s Road

Six-Eleven NB's Road

Culturally, Japanese have a deep respect and appreciation for products that are well made, especially when they are handmade by craftspeople who obviously create their work with passion. It’s no wonder then, that the crew at Shibuya’s Blue Lug store love America’s best frame builders, like Aaron Dykstra of Roanoke’s Six-Eleven Bicycle Co. Read More »

Speedvagen AUS Fit Tour

Speedvagen AUS Fit Tour

As far as Winter goes, we get it pretty good in Sydney. It gets a bit wet, but today felt like Spring is just around the corner. Australia will be having a special guest to herald the new season at the end of August: Sacha White from Speedvagen and Vanilla Bicycles, who’s bringing the Fit Tour Down Under. Read More »