Pelagro PB1

Pelagro PB1

Quite a few of us appreciate the beauty of both motorcycles and bicycles — there’s only an engine separating the freedom of two wheels and the wind in your hair. Peter Laibacher has taken for inspiration the Campagnolo-equipped factory Ducatis of the 80s to produce his trellis-framed mountain bikes and commuters.

Peter’s howmetown is the German town of Grossbottwar, located in a wine region 25km away from Stuttgart, the home of Porsche and Mercedes. Pelagro is a side business to his main occupation, but the production of these frames is his true passion. He’s been customizing bikes since he was 9 years old and modified his first motorcycle, a 50cc Sachs, at 14.

After building bikes for friends during the 90s, Peter built his first trellis frame in 2008 and now offers them as a specialty under the banner of Pelagro — Peter Laibacher Grossbottwar. The frames are produced from aircraft alloy, and can be tailored to your desire: commuter, mountain bike, single speed or fixed. They’re even available in colors other than Rosso CorsaJust ask.

Pelagro PB1
Pelagro PB1
Pelagro PB1

  • Now&Zen

    That is interesting indeed ! A Moulton style trestle frame with normal ( 26″ I presume ) sized wheels . In light of Moulton having built trestle style bicycle frames for going on 40 years or more this isn’t exactly an original idea . But using normal sized wheels with said frame ? Like I said . This is very interesting .

  • Lewn

    6 bottom brackets welded in instead of one will surely just make for a heavy frame? Interesting concept but I doubt it performs any better than a conventional frame.

  • Chris

    WTF. All he has done is introduced a lot of potential failure points and lots of extra weight, and his welds suck.

  • great looking but why not a rear suspension if you get into the trouble of producing such a complicated frame.?. welds are a serious issue though as mentioned by Chris…

  • Adrian Salter

    Are they Bottom Brackets ?