Primate Frames x Candy Cranks

Primate Frames x Candy Cranks

While most of the US frame builders are hunkered down, preparing for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in February, I’ve been encouraged by the exciting things that have been happening Down Under. Tarn, the powerhouse behind Primate Frames, has been maintaining a superhuman output. While browsing his gallery of previous builds I was again impressed by the frame he created for the ultimate female-specific bike blog, Candy Cranks.

Candy Cranks is an international group of female cyclists who report on their local scene. Through Tarn’s affiliation with Meg, founder of Candy Cranks, he produces a frame that’s available for purchase through the blog store. It’s a lithe, lugged number constructed from Dedacciai tubing, with Cinelli lugs and custom tips. A Deda fork is also offered, with various options such as threaded or threadless steerers, straight blades and a choice of tips and crowns. If you like the look of that chainring, it’s also available through the online store, along with an array of other designs. Peter, from Sydney’s Star Enamel, custom painted the Aerospoke and Velocity B-43 rims, the Chub hub and the Easton bars.

Have a look at Tarn’s gallery for more of his creations and the Candy Cranks blog and shop for more details on how you can pick up a frame of your own.

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Primate Frames x Candy Cranks
Primate Frames x Candy Cranks
Primate Frames x Candy Cranks
Primate Frames x Candy Cranks
Primate Frames x Candy Cranks
Primate Frames x Candy Cranks

  • Teo

    Whoa! Shocking! 😀

    Sorry for my ignorance, but what’s the deal with that kind of chain… I mean, isn’t an old pattern?

    Also, the brake looks great.

    • Half-link chains are nice, especially for fixed gears as it allows the axle to be closer in the drops for a larger variety of gear ratios.

  • Jons

    The chain is awesome! I want one of these 🙂 Anyone know where to buy one?

    • A half-link chain? You should be able to get them at your local bike shop. If you can’t do local, buy it online from the half-million retailers that sell them. BMX and fixed gear shops will carry them usually.

      • In any amount of color variations, too. I’m running a Shadow Conspiracy half link chain on my On-One il Pompino as, due to my gear ratio, it allows my axle to sit in the middle of the dropout as opposed to slammed or almost falling out.

  • Jason

    my god that is one ugly bike!

    • Hi Jason, thankfully most of our readers disagree, it’s been one of our highest Liked bikes this month! Thanks for reading!

  • Keir

    Interesting variety of comments. I will declare myself a Primate convert straight up owning one of Tarn’s bikes. Jason where is the ugliness with this bike? If it is the colour then that is an easily changed aspect of a build. If it is the geometry or components I would be interested to hear where the problem is. With names like Chris King, Sugino, Aerospoke, Velocity, Ritchey and Paul on the build list it is not exactly rubbish. If it is dramas with the frame itself then I would love to know what they are. Deddaccai tubing and hand made is very nice indeed. All that and you dont need to know how to speak any Chinese dialects to discuss it with the framebuilder.

    I might be biased but these frames are frig…g gold to ride!!

    • Thanks for your input, Keir. Maybe Jason and Byron haven’t taken the time to browse Tarn’s gallery or read his blog which might give them a deeper insight into Primate Frames’ design ethos. A perusal of his 29er bikes, his 20″ BMX, track frames and even tandems will reveal a quality, reliability and strength one would be hard pressed finding elsewhere. His frames are bombproof, built as though Tarn himself would ride them. I can’t wait until he finally finishes his steel downhill frame and feature it on Cycle EXIF, then I’ll offer Byron and Jason some Worcestershire sauce with which they can eat their words.

  • Karl

    What brand are the front levers?

  • luv’ the kolour.!. 😀 …
    p.s.: what brand  & model are the brake calipers.?.