Stanridge Speed ‘The Goblin’

Stanridge Speed 'The Goblin'

Adam Eldridge of Stanridge Speed wears many masks these days, refusing to be categorized as a particular style of custom frame builder. 2012 has already seen his ultra-modern Highstreet Pursuit track bike win the Red Hook Crit, while the latest of his creations featured on Cycle EXIF was a classically-styled path racer collaboration with Nonetheless Garments. ‘The Goblin’ is the result of another partnership — this time with Chicago’s Heritage Bicycles — and one which takes Stanridge Speed in yet another direction.

Heritage Bicycles is an initiative of Michael Salvatore that’s helping to promote the benefits of cycling in Chicago. What better way is there than to combine beautiful and locally manufactured bicycles with great coffee? The Goblin is the second addition to the collection and is primarily influenced by early Schwinn cruisers, originally a Chicago local. I can also see a nod to another iconic American, the Worksman Cycle, and Adam informs me the riding position is designed to enable flat-footed contact with the tarmac and an upright posture — which remind me of the fiets that are native to Amsterdam.

The Goblin’s frame is built by Stanridge Speed and has been fitted out with vintage chainguards that have been pistriped by hand. They retail for US$2,300 and are available through the Heritage Bicycles website. For the real experience, however, drop in for a coffee to help inspire your purchase. And if you like the look of the grey one, wait till you see the blue Goblin.

Stanridge Speed 'The Goblin'
Stanridge Speed 'The Goblin'
Stanridge Speed 'The Goblin'
Stanridge Speed 'The Goblin'
Stanridge Speed 'The Goblin'
Stanridge Speed 'The Goblin'

  • Awesome work. And hats off to recognizing there are different tools for different jobs. What type of bike is next?

  • I am absolutely mystified by the idea that a single speed cruiser can cost $2300. It’s pretty, but not that.

  • claudio

    adam must have lost a lot of blood durring red hook if he thinks that a bike with one peice steel cranks and a coaster brake hub is worth $2,300.

    • AdamEldridge

      Hey there claudio! 🙂 Thanks for the feedback on the complete build. Its my belief this is an appropriate price point for the complete build. We laced the wheels to a Sturmy Archer 2 speed kick back. We probably have 20 hrs in the hand polished logo on the down tube and 5 hrs in the hand lettered vintage guards. As one starts to think about the labor involved with these builds by many hand builders its almost astonishing any one can make a living at some of the price points we’ve seen frames going for.

      Take all of this and add on the layer of a dealer. The dealer needs to make some points as well to put food on his table.

      We’re trying to think outside of a “race” bike (thanks Neil) and we’re trying to make a living. We’re not going to powder-coat a frame, slap a vinyl sticker on it install an ill fitting chain-guard and call it done.

      We cant compete with a sedona, suede or wal-mart. If your looking at these bikes or this bigbox retailer your not remotely interested in a stanridge.

      • claudio

        my bad adam!
        i guess what im really trying to say is…why whould some with your talent sell your self short by not putting better quality parts on a custom hand made work of art, also remember if myself or anyone else is able to spend 2,300 on a bicycle…trust me we can pay more. good luck with it though.

        • AdamEldridge

          Hi again Claudio. No offense taken. I enjoy reading different viewpoints. 🙂

          When one starts to think of the demographic this bike has been made for and the area of chicago it’s been sold in, it’s understood. Yes, supermudane that’s real talk, a one piece crank IS bulletproof and
          serviceable for life.

          Of course we’ve been groomed to trash talk anything that isn’t 3 grams and made out of plastic. My degree is in marketing. I get it. The big three need to make money – so anything new is the best.

          The buyer and target demographic of this bike doesn’t have a clue what dura ace or RED are and probably pronounce these as Dura ache and S-RAM. They’re riding this bike along the gold coast in Chicago or down a tree lined street in Lincoln Park. The buyer doesn’t want to buy something made in China and the buyer wants to tell a story to their circle. If you pointed to the one piece crank and mentioned it to them A. They wouldn’t know what your talking about. B. They wouldn’t care.

          Like any business project we have budgets and a percentage to hit. We decided to put more effort into the overall aesthetic and build with a one piece crank which in our opinion suits this project fine.

          A new(er) style crank would look off on this build and isnt any better. Yes, it’s newer tech. weighs less..on and on.

          When you really think about this COMPLETE bike is out the door at around what normally be frame only and in my opinion does it with superior detailing! 🙂

          Thanks again.

          • supermundane

            Adam, If I were in the US (I’m in Norway hence the familiarity with Fauber cranks – anything Norwegian-built and older than 30 years has them) I’d definitely fork out the money to add that bike to my collection. Some of my bikes have Shimano and SRAM componentry and I appreciate the ‘adavances’ in bicycle technology as much as the next guy but there’s something satisfying about a bicycle built to be nigh-on indestructable and built with components that are no more complex than needed for the job.
            Fit for purpose.
            Great work Adam and nice to see something presented here, which will no doubt be as rideable in 50 years. I hope it sells well – it deserves to.

    • supermundane

      Claudio, do you know how bullet-proof these one one-piece ‘Fauber’ cranksets are? I work on Old bicycles and I’ve encountered many a Fauber crankset on rust-bucket pre-war bicycles which still turn as well as the day they were made. They’re nigh on indestructible.
      They are superior in my opinion in quality to cartridge bottom brackets and hardly a low-quality part.

  • layday

    totally worth $2300. do you guys have EYEBALLS?
    just look at her.

  • Binausic

    As always, Adam makes it classy for the rest of us to drool upon.