Mercatone Uno Bianchi

The 90s were a heady decade. Although, in terms of pro cycling, no more decadent than any other. In terms of pro cycling, it was dominated by the legend of Marco Pantani — ‘il Pirata’: the rise and disastrous fall… Read more »

Bianchi Methanol 29FS

2013, so far, has been a year of great contrasts, and it’s no different here on Cycle EXIF. One day you’re seeing an obscure Spanish brand of road racer favored by Miguel Indurain and the next you’ll see the latest… Read more »

Bianchi Rekord 920

There was no such thing as workplace laws in Italy during the 1870s. Edoardo Bianchi was 8 years old when he started work, becoming an ironworker and eventually opening his own ‘Officina Meccanica’ (Machine Shop) near the center of old… Read more »

Bianchi Mini Velo

Through the ages, Japan’s fascination with miniaturization has precipitated numerous cultural aspects, from bonsai to Tamiya plastic models. Bianchi recognized this passion and introduced the Mini Velo into their range — to which Tokyo’s Jin Hidaka has applied his own… Read more »

Bianchi Conversion

Half of the romance of a bicycle is the simplicity of its design. Two circles and a couple of triangles, some minutiae like cogs and teeth and a chain. After that, you may as well just paint it a nice… Read more »

Bianchi Super Leggera

I’m not even going to tell you about the eBay auction where you could purchase this 1983 Bianchi Super Leggera ‘Specialissima’ for a measly US$2,650, because that would detract from the daydream of our father’s time when you would be… Read more »