Bishop Bikes

Bishop Bikes 650B Rando

The construction of a randonneur bicycle requires far more design and fabrication than, say, a track bike, due to the extra functionality required by a cycle tour. Add-ons like integrated lighting, pannier racks or decaleurs and extra water bottle bosses… Read more »

Bishop Bikes Pista

Motor racing sponsorship has played a major role in the marketing plan of Martini & Rossi, an Italian alcohol company that is perhaps most famous for its brand of vermouth. Usually decorating white or silver cars, the red, dark and… Read more »

Bishop Bikes Frank’s Road

There’s a special something in the Bishop family blood: Chris Bishop‘s father runs ModelCrafters, for which he builds exact dioramas of scenes from the United States military railway service. The attention to detail in these miniature worlds is astounding, a… Read more »

Bishop Bikes Tommy’s Road

In the study of martial arts, the title of sensei literally translates as ‘one who was born before’ but doesn’t necessarily refer to physical age. Tommy has been working with Chris Bishop for the past few years as a master’s… Read more »

Bishop Bikes Chris’s Own

This isn’t Chris Bishop‘s latest build at all, but I only stumbled across it recently and was awed by its striking features. Chris managed to acquire a few sets of Gilco’s star-profiled tubes a couple of years ago and it… Read more »

Bishop Bikes Randonneur

The Randonneur that Chris Bishop revealed at the 2012 NAHBS is a bright orange beauty that combines old-world elegance with modern and distinct details that secured the Baltimore builder the award for Best Lugged Construction. A worthy reward for the… Read more »

Bishop Bikes Dura-Ace Track

Looking at these images of Chris Bishop’s craftsmanship, I can’t help but be reminded of its similarity to a fine hand made watch. The idea isn’t that far from reality — the opportunity to own such a fine vehicle comes… Read more »