Cinelli Porteur

Many consider Paris to be the most beautiful city in the world. I am one of them. Today, it is a very modern city, cloaked in glorious, age-old buildings and ancient history. During the 1930s, only 80 years ago, the… Read more »

Division 1 Cinelli Vigorelli

John ‘Prolly’ Watson’s reference to the pink-themed Cinelli Vigorelli by Austin’s Division 1 bicycle shop as “a racing machine found in F1 or Nascar” was an appropriate justification for such a striking theme. The Texan shop built up three of… Read more »

Cinelli Supercorsa

The second round of the 2013 Red Hook Crit kicks off tomorrow and while we’re rooting for another win by a Stanridge Speed Highstreet Pursuit, Cinelli will be making a very strong presence. The Italian concern has always held itself,… Read more »

Cinelli Laser TT

Hopefully by now you’ll have encountered Cinelli’s book, The Art and Design of the Bicycle, a concise history of the colorful and innovative Italian marque. You should definitely recognize the bike on the cover, rolling on two disc wheels painted… Read more »

Cinelli Laser Fanini

When Italian architect Luigi Caccia claimed, in reference to the world of design, that Italians are, quite simply the best, he was fairly spot on and the Cinelli Laser is evidence of that claim. Antonio Colombo, creator of the Laser,… Read more »

Cinelli Speciale Corsa

Cino Cinelli’s Speciale Corsa has been described as ‘The Quintessential Italian Racing Bike’, and while there are definitely other Italian marques and frames whose craftsmanship is more refined, none can deny the near cult-like following the brand with the winged… Read more »

Cinelli Golden Black

This black beauty was the product of Cinelli‚Äôs in-house design team, probably intended as a special project or an exhibition piece. Cinelli has always placed a high priority on good design; they have contributed a huge amount of innovation, beauty… Read more »