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Donhou Cycles Totem Tourer

If you decide to go touring through the wilds of northwest America and Canada, one of the dangers that must be accounted for is puma concolor. The cougar is the second heaviest cat in the New World after the jaguar… Read more »

Donhou Bicycles Mondrian

It’s rare to see a bare, unbuilt frame here on Cycle EXIF. In fact, this is the first, but only because anything to do with Bernard Hinault’s La Vie Claire team gets a special look in around here, especially when… Read more »

Donhou Cycles Gravel Grinder

Unless you’ve been tramping or have agricultural or equine experience, there’s a good chance you won’t have come across a bridle path. England and Wales have an extensive network of bridleways that are legally protected right of ways, as the… Read more »

Donhou Cycles Leica Track

For some photographers, the name of Leica generates the same amount of passion and reverence as Colnago or Merckx does for some cyclists. There’s no denying the quality of the cameras, handmade in Germany since 1925, and they have certainly… Read more »

Donhou Cycles Road / Tourer

Britons have always had an aptitude for excellence, and Tom Donhou is a perfect example of that national trait. So soon after barrelling down a disused airstrip with an attempt on the British land speed record on a motor-paced pushie,… Read more »

Experiments in Speed

Here’s the full version of Experiments in Speed, a short film produced by Spindle Productions about Tom Donhou‘s quest to build a garage attempt on the landspeed record. Although it was completed with the tiniest fraction of Team Sky’s budget… Read more »

Donhou Bicycles Don Player Special

During the late 70s and early 80s, abhorrent as it seems these days, cigarette sponsorship of Formula One teams, and their vibrant colorways, added to their legend-status. One of the most iconic liveries of the paddock was that of the… Read more »