English Cycles

English Cycles 29er

Pedalers Fork in Calabasas, in Los Angeles County, is a bike shop, cafe and restaurant that looks like a damn nice place to hang out. It would help, but is not completely necessary, to be passionate about bikes and cycling… Read more »

English Cycles FWB x Geoff Mcfetridge

The great thing about the frames built by Rob English is that while they are elegant and sculptural, you can bet that, given his racing experience, they will ride as good as they look. Add a custom paint scheme designed… Read more »

English Cycles Flat Bar Road

2014 was a bumpy ride, and one person who will be looking forward to the start of the new year is Rob English of Eugene’s English Cycles. In July last year, Rob was racing the Tour of Auferheide, a 100… Read more »

English Cycles Giles’ V3

The 2nd Annual Tour of Aufderheide was held last weekend in Westfir, Oregon. It was intended to be an adventurous ride through the magnificent West American outdoors, but it unintentionally claimed a victim. One of our favourite builders, Rob English,… Read more »

English Cycles No-Car-Kitty-Cargo

It gets a bit crazy in Bike Land around this time of year, when the North American Handmade Bicycle Show prepares to open its doors and reveal the glittering efforts of builders and manufacturers. In 2013, Rob English won the… Read more »

English Cycles Irvin’s V3.1

If ever you’re inclined to holiday in Eugene, Oregon, you should stay at Velo Bed and Breakfast. The riding nearby is superb, and apparently Eugene is a happening place. You could also hang out with Rob and Misha Dunlap English,… Read more »

English Cycles Folding Road Concept

Ex-Talking Heads front man, David Byrne, is an ardent advocate of the folding bike as a means of truly experiencing the world through which one travels. David’s favored foldie is the Brompton, but there’s other options available to the high-flying… Read more »