Victoire Cycles 29er MTB

Within a week, the Clermont-Ferrand workshop of Victoire Cycles had turned out two very different custom mountain bikes, for two very different customers. This is the more petite of the two, built for a female rider, but it’s no less… Read more »

Victoire Cycles Golden Bellevue

The Vergers Massif is an ancient section of rock that pokes out of the southeastern corner of France. By ‘poke’ we mean its highest point is the 7,680 ft Grand Veymont. It is an incredibly spectacular mountain range and the… Read more »

Victoire Cycles Tandem

There’s always something new happening around the Victoire Cycles workshop. It’s located in the Auvergne region of France, in Clermont-Ferrand, home also to Bibendum and the famous tyre manufacturer of Michelin. Victoire and Michelin are well connected, as well as… Read more »

l’Atelier Des Vélos

Just like the flavour of a wine will manifest the character of the land it was produced from, the work of custom frame builders exhibit qualities individual to their countries. US bikes are bold and proud, Aussie builders create honest… Read more »

Victoire Cycles City Bike

Taking inspiration from a townie with double seat stays that Tom Donhou built a while back, Victoire Cycles constructed this gentleman’s bike with a similar arrangement. It’s a one-off custom frame, just all part of the service from the Clermont-Ferrand… Read more »

Victoire Cycles x Berluti

The French will always have the last word on couture fashion and style — it’s safe to say they invented it. They are also known for their manufacture and production of luxury goods. So it’s a pleasure to see two… Read more »

Vitus 992

The 1992 edition of Milan-San Remo was finished in a most spectacular fashion by Sean Kelly aboard a Vitus 992. His descent down the Poggio di San Remo, chasing Moreno Argentin at a breakneck speed, does a lot to dispel… Read more »