Gear: Bombtrack Arise

In a world of wireless shifting, wind tunnels and advanced frame damping designs, it’s rare to see a big bike company attempting to make their bikes more simple. Bombtrack is relatively new to the scene, first starting out in fixed… Read more »

Review: SQlab Saddles

From Cycle EXIF’s technical correspondent, Richard Gearing. I forget how I came across the SQlab ‘Super6.1’ saddle, but having seen it I had to know more and, as a fan of carbon saddles and the surprising comfort they offer, was… Read more »

Norwid Vättern

You can be forgiven for not having heard of a German frame builder by the name of Rudolf Pallesen. There’s not a lot of information on him online, at least in English. His workshop is called Norwid, from Nordwind —… Read more »

VPACE T1ST Gravel-Master

VPACE is a German brand whose portfolio is caught in a wonderful place between straight-up, purpose-built examples of Teutonic engineering, and completely free-styled creativity. Their T1ST frame set forms the basis of both.

Pelagro PB1 Superleggera

Superleggera is translated from the Italian as ‘super light’, but it’s also a licensed trademark of Carrozzeria Touring. Touring is an automobile coachbuilder established in 1926 who pioneered the method of bodywork construction using small-diameter tubes to form the frame,… Read more »

Big Forest Frameworks XL3

If you’re struck by the individual nature of the lugs on this green road machine, Robert Piontek of Potsdam’s Big Forest Frameworks broke the process down to an easy-to-digest mouthful on YouTube for your edification. The smiley face is a… Read more »


For a country that’s famed for excellent engineering, we only see the work of a handful of German custom frame builders. That’s all right, though: one of them is the VANDEYK collective. A network of metalworkers, designers, artists and photographers,… Read more »