Crema Cycles Static 29er

Last weekend’s 2014 Berliner Fahrradschau revealed a few surprises, as you’d expect from such a central European and bike-friendly location. If you looked closely, among the electric assisted cargo bikes and fiets, you might have spotted this handsome 29er from… Read more »

Pelagro ProFlex

The inventor of the ProFlex mountain bike, Bob Girvin, set the scene alight with his revolutionary frame and fork designs. A former aerospace engineer, his ideas culminated in the world’s first mass-produced, full suspension mountain bike. Critics didn’t think full… Read more »

Vogel Randonneur

Before he started creating svelte custom bike frames, Ulrich Vogel worked as an architect. The two fields cannot be more distantly related, yet Ulrich manages to reconcile his experience by producing bikes that, like a thoughtfully designed space, integrate with… Read more »

Garage 271 Lightning

With every passing season bicycles, and especially mountain bikes, continue to evolve — whether it’s a chainring that doesn’t drop a chain, a new linkage system or a new wheel size. Simultaneously, there’s an equal interest in the ‘old school’.… Read more »

Canyon Urban Concept

Eurobike has just finished up for another year and by the looks of things, there’ll be some interesting products filtering down through the bicycle market. As with car shows, there were a few innovations that may or may not see… Read more »

Crema Cycles Road

Three years ago today, Cycle EXIF went live—featuring an Indy Fab ‘crosser dressed in the color scheme of the Gulf Oil racing team. It was built up by Ken Bloomer of Germany’s Crema Cycles, so today is probably a good… Read more »

VANDEYK Rapha Continental

We’ve featured a number of Rapha’s superb Continental bikes here on Cycle EXIF. The magnificent riding machines of VANDEYK Contemporary Cycles have also made a prominent appearance. In fact, if you purchased the 2103 Cycle EXIF Calendar, you’d be enjoying… Read more »