Colnago Super Piu

Classic Colnago frames are highly sought after for their vivaciuos paint schemes, and they look just as fast in a single colour. The Master Piu, a European-only model, sometimes appeared in rainbow transparente paint, but this Super Piu successor looks… Read more »

Ferriveloci modello B

Mountain bikers may disagree, but Italy is the spiritual home of cycling: the land of Masi, Colnago, Bianchi, Coppi, Pegoretti, the Giro d’Italia and the Madonna del Ghisallo. The culture is not an obsolete church, there are new frame builders… Read more »

Mercatone Uno Bianchi

The 90s were a heady decade. Although, in terms of pro cycling, no more decadent than any other. In terms of pro cycling, it was dominated by the legend of Marco Pantani — ‘il Pirata’: the rise and disastrous fall… Read more »

Chesini Prima

Never let it be said that Italians shy from grandiose opulence. One need only think of the extravagant fashion of Pucci and Versace, the cars of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati, or the flamboyant bicycles of Colnago or Tommasini. Neither do… Read more »

Zino Frames Cyclocross

Italians are very passionate about cycling, and just as much about cyclocross, so it’s encouraging to see specific frames being made by up and coming builders. Zino Frames is the workshop of a young craftsman from Turin who is prolifically… Read more »

Tommasini Super Prestige

Colour plays a huge part in the work of Will Goodan, a creative director born and raised in LA, but now residing in the electrically colourful city of Tokyo. His studio, Kanzen Lazer, is known for extremely eye-catching still and… Read more »

De Marchi Kübler and Koblet Jerseys

One of the world’s oldest cycling apparel brands, family-owned De Marchi, continue the tradition they established in the 40s by dressing professional cyclists during their most stylish era. The De Marchi Heritage Store have just released limited edition jerseys of… Read more »