Rossin Pursuit

Rossin is 40 years old this year, a milestone in an era when many of its contemporaries have been swallowed up by market forces. The logo consists of a capital R inside a pentagon, representing the five founding fathers. Rossin… Read more »

Olympia Carlo Borghi

Olympia, while one of the less famous Italian marques, has just as an interesting history as Bianchi or Colnago. Indeed, it’s the oldest family-owned Italian brand and is the oldest Italian bicycle brand, after Bianchi. To its credit, it still… Read more »

Ciöcc San Cristobal Gold

Giovanni Pelizzoli‘s Ciöcc marque is an exceptionally enigmatic Italian brand, typical of many from that period and location. Accurate information on the history, timeline and genealogy is mercurial — indeed, the one person who knows the true story may well… Read more »

Cinelli Porteur

Many consider Paris to be the most beautiful city in the world. I am one of them. Today, it is a very modern city, cloaked in glorious, age-old buildings and ancient history. During the 1930s, only 80 years ago, the… Read more »

Colnago Super Piu

Classic Colnago frames are highly sought after for their vivaciuos paint schemes, and they look just as fast in a single colour. The Master Piu, a European-only model, sometimes appeared in rainbow transparente paint, but this Super Piu successor looks… Read more »

Ferriveloci modello B

Mountain bikers may disagree, but Italy is the spiritual home of cycling: the land of Masi, Colnago, Bianchi, Coppi, Pegoretti, the Giro d’Italia and the Madonna del Ghisallo. The culture is not an obsolete church, there are new frame builders… Read more »

Mercatone Uno Bianchi

The 90s were a heady decade. Although, in terms of pro cycling, no more decadent than any other. In terms of pro cycling, it was dominated by the legend of Marco Pantani — ‘il Pirata': the rise and disastrous fall… Read more »