Stelbel Pista Inseguimento

One Italian marque that has arisen like a phoenix from the ashes is Stelio Belletti’s Stelbel. Founded in 1973, it has been resurrected with a new line of frames inspired by Stelio’s original innovation. Here’s one he prepared earlier, the… Read more »

Legend HT 9.5

With a name like Legend, your expectations are going to be high. Those expectations are met when you read about Marco Bertoletti, a master framebuilder of Italy whose experience and skill give him every right to name his brand with… Read more »

Formigli Asiel RF

This is the second Formigli to be featured on Cycle EXIF, the first being a Classic — Columbus-tubed with gold-plated lugs. The Asiel RF, however, is a completely different beast: it’s a completely custom carbon fibre frame. Its namesake is… Read more »

Cicli Corsa: Colle di Tenda

Cicli Corsa and their friends Cani Sciolti Valtellina just put together this astounding video of a ride up — and down — their local mountains, the Ligurian and Maritime Alps. Forget the Giro — for me, this sums up everything… Read more »

Stelbel Dynamic Inseguimento

The Italian Stelbel brand was founded in 1973 and named from a portmanteau combining the first and surname of Stelio Belletti. Stelio was a true man of steel; raised in a family of engineers and metalworkers. He worked on everything… Read more »

Galetti SSCX

The Galetti brand is one branch of the Italian family tree that’s twisted behind the more well known; but just as significant. Like Bianchi, Pinarello, Olmo and Moser, it is originated from a professional racer, Carlo Galetti, who won the… Read more »

Masi Special Pista Oro

The latest frame to carry Faliero Masi’s legendary name and coat of arms looks as though it’s targeted directly at the MASH crowd rather than devoted Italophiles. And so it should. Both brand assets are owned by Haro Bikes, and… Read more »