Zunow Z-1 Pro-Form

If ever there were a contender for Colnago’s crown of flamboyant racing bikes, it would be Japan’s Zunow. The Z-1 Pro-Form might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a Zunow, but it’s as… Read more »

Sophie’s Zunow

A rare bird, is a Zunow. We’ve only seen one before on the pages of Cycle EXIF — plumed with characteristically garish paint — but this example is the real deal. Owned by Sophie Ballo and it won the award… Read more »

Insight: PEdAL ED

Adjoining the Brooks England concept store in London’s Seven Dials, B1866, is a presentation of cycle wear by Japan’s Hideto Suzuki. To be honest, I hadn’t really had a close look at Hideto’s PEdAL ED range, so I was thankful… Read more »

Cherubim by Kinoko

The 2014 Tour de France is about to descend upon the Yorkshire Dales, coinciding fortuitously with a greatly anticipated holiday to the UK to visit my wife’s family. It’s been a great opportunity to meet with some of the characters… Read more »

Samson Rising Sun

Thankfully, keirin frames no longer have the mass appeal they had a couple of years ago, leaving the pleasure of riding them to the true aficionados, those who appreciate the soul of the frame and builder as the quintessence of… Read more »

Kinfolk Cyclocross

During the experimental period of the 60s, geodesic domes were considered très chic living and work spaces. As a nod to the architecture of their parents, the Kinfolk crew incorporated a geodesic dome into their new creative space at Brooklyn’s… Read more »

Equilibrium Cycle Works

For a country so enamoured with custom bicycles and cycling of all forms, it’s surprising that we don’t see more work from Japanese frame builders. I can only comment from the perspective of a gaijin, but perhaps it’s their fascination… Read more »