Samson Rising Sun

Thankfully, keirin frames no longer have the mass appeal they had a couple of years ago, leaving the pleasure of riding them to the true aficionados, those who appreciate the soul of the frame and builder as the quintessence of… Read more »

Kinfolk Cyclocross

During the experimental period of the 60s, geodesic domes were considered très chic living and work spaces. As a nod to the architecture of their parents, the Kinfolk crew incorporated a geodesic dome into their new creative space at Brooklyn’s… Read more »

Equilibrium Cycle Works

For a country so enamoured with custom bicycles and cycling of all forms, it’s surprising that we don’t see more work from Japanese frame builders. I can only comment from the perspective of a gaijin, but perhaps it’s their fascination… Read more »

Yasujiro Nudity

Although Japan’s Tange International Co. has been through its share of ups and downs over a 90-year history, they still continue to manufacture high quality tubing, a credit to the management and products. Their range now includes a series of… Read more »

REW10 Blacksmith

Increasingly, as life speeds up and humanity’s modes of communication become more advanced, there is a parallel emphasis on what the Japanese refer to as wabi-sabi, or the appreciation of that which is aged, imperfect or worn. It’s refreshing to… Read more »

Vanguard RYO

There’s no doubting the intimidating effect that fat bikes and their 4-inch-plus tires have, for the simple promise of their ability to roll through terrain previously thought to be impenetrable by bicycle, like sand, snow and head-size rocks. It was… Read more »

3Rensho Porteur

There was a time, not so recently, when the only bicycle to be seen dead with was a Japanese Keirin frame built up only with NJS-approved components—that is, the manufacturers of the wheels, seat post and saddle, drive train and… Read more »