Legor Cicli

Legor Cicli Road

We have different reasons for riding the bikes we ride. They fulfil certain requirements for stages of our cycling, and each delivers an individual experience. The story about how each came to be to in our possession is revealing, but… Read more »

Legor Cicli SS CX

Italian cycling is undergoing as much of a renaissance as the rest of the world and, although it is one of the traditional homes of the handmade bicycle, there are fewer new frame builders willing to carry the torch than… Read more »

Legor Cicli 29er

It’s been the week of colourful Italians on Cycle EXIF, with Dario Pegoretti’s hand-painted Responsorium, Zino Frames’ Gulf Oil-themed CX, and the warm tones of Cicli Spirito. To top it off, here’s Mattia Paganotti of Legor Cicli and one of… Read more »

Legor Cicli Ale’s Tourer

For Italy’s vast culture of legendary custom bicycle frame builders such as Colnago, Olmo, Pinarello, Cinelli, Gios and Pelizzoli, there doesn’t seem to be too many younger builders ready to prolong the tradition. Mattia Paganotti, of Legor Cicli, is one… Read more »