New Zealand

Review: Wheelworks Rail 52

By guest writer Richard Gearing. The road bike wheel market is a veritable minefield at the moment — options range from below $300 to far beyond $3000; from box section aluminium to deep section carbon; from narrow, ‘old format’ widths… Read more »

Caldera Cycles Cam’s Commuter

As far as ideal cycle touring destinations go, New Zealand is right at the top of the list. Villages and amenities are always within accessible distances and while the topography may be dramatic, it makes for truly awe-inspiring scenery. An… Read more »

Healing Freestyler

If you’re like me and think BMX Bandits is still Nicole Kidman’s best work, you’ll also appreciate this Healing Freestyler. Healing was New Zealand’s sister company to Australia’s Malvern Star — manufacturer of virtually every Aussie’s first bike and the… Read more »

Caldera Cycles Road

Chris Tuckey, of New Zealand’s Caldera Cycles, certainly hasn’t been resting on his laurels. His last bike we featured on Cycle EXIF was a candy-green cyclocross machine, since then he’s pumped out a couple of commuters, including an impeccable fixed-gear… Read more »

Caldera Cycles

The New Zealand cyclocross scene is set to gather extra momentum with the emergence and passion of a local builder named Chris Tuckey. Chris is based in Auckland and Caldera Cycles is developing a healthy portfolio of handmade cyclocross, track… Read more »

Dirt Bike Co. Custom

The New Zealand BMX scene is a tight crew. There’s a camaraderie, culture and collective spirit between the riders, photographers and supporters that one would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. The bike check of Tim White’s custom Dirt Bike… Read more »

J Foster Lo-Pro

New Zealand has a well-known tradition of two-wheeled innovation, which continues with the torch-wielding skills of Johnny Foster. While this is a traditional low profile pursuit layout, there have been sightings of a few frames using the same Columbus Ego… Read more »