Pony Bikes

Pony Bikes Peugeot

Sasha Strickland loves a challenge. The proprietor of Melbourne’s Pony Bikes has an uncanny knack for transforming some of the city’s most horrible bikes into things of beauty. Her latest project consisted of converting a Peugeot road frame to a… Read more »

Pony Bikes Enigma

It’s called an Enigma because it’s one of those frames one happens across on eBay with a vague description by which you’re captivated enough to buy because it’s cheap and no-one else wants it and the seller can’t give you… Read more »

Pony Bikes Super Deluxe

How many of us can remember our first bike? For many of us, learning to ride is one of our earliest acquired skills, so it’s not surprising to be able to recall small details about that first bicycle. Sasha Strickland,… Read more »

Pony Bikes Tricycle

Hang on to your wooden balance bikes: Sasha from Melbourne’s Pony Bikes has just concocted what could be the coolest kid’s tricycle ever. A local customer, Kurt, contracted the Pony Bikes workshop to resurrect his own trike, which happens to… Read more »

Pony Bikes Rondell

Bicycle restoration can be a very rewarding experience, but sometimes it’s better to hand the job to a professional and let them deal with the potential grief that may ensue. When the bicycle in question holds a vast amount of… Read more »

Hillman Club Racer

Sasha, the woman behind Pony Bikes, has kicked the quintessential Melbourne street bike up a couple of gears with this latest build: a vintage Hillman club racer frame with a Sturmey-Archer 2-speed kick shift hub.

Kish Fabrication

Sasha from Australia’s Pony Bikes has reinterpreted this 29er frame by Kish Fabrication into a classy mountain goat. Built specifically for carving up local single trail around Woodend in the southern state of Victoria, it’s a refreshing departure from the… Read more »