Salsa Beargrease

From Cycle EXIF’s technical correspondent, Richard Gearing. I’d been looking to get back into mountain biking for a while, but the options were becoming overwhelming — do I make use of the fact that they’re a slowly dying breed and… Read more »

Salsa Fargo Ti

More and more cyclists are discovering the joys of off-road bicycle touring and adventure biking. Salsa Cycles have established themselves as a leading supplier of specialist bikes for the job, and the Fargo Ti is their flagship model. My good… Read more »

Salsa Fargo Ti

Salsa’s Fargo Ti is strategically engineered towards comfortable, long distance, off-road touring. It’s true that comfortable, long distance, off-road touring is perfectly possible on a lot of bikes, when one is halfway along Canada’s Great Divide Trail or some other… Read more »

Salsa Fargo

Salsa seem intent on manufacturing bikes that enable riders to truly live their slogan, ‘Adventure by Bike'; the Fargo is another model in a range of machines built to take on multi-mile treks through the wilderness. This one ain’t stock,… Read more »

Salsa Mukluk

Adam Macbeth is one of those people who love to ride. They don’t care what they ride, being on a bike—any bike—is their natural state. Adam will gladly take a road bike out on a 100 kilometer pre-breakfast ride, demolish… Read more »