Serotta Colorado Ti

Mergers and takeovers are nearly always unsavory events, especially when there are parties involved who have built their business upon passion and integrity. The Serotta affair, referring to their restructuring and disolution into the Divine Cycling Group is a good… Read more »

Serotta Colorado ATX

On the first page of the 1994 Serotta catalog, Ben Serotta outlines his raison d’être: ‘If you can’t build something good, both in quality and aesthetics, something you’ll proudly put your name on, you probably shouldn’t build it at all’.… Read more »

Mobius Cycle Serotta

Mobius Cycle blazed their way across the bike blogs recently with an impeccably shot Gan Well Pro Illusion. The photographer who managed to capture the lustrous quality of the Illusion’s iridescent paint and reflective decals also happens to be the… Read more »