Step Back To Reality: Speedvagen Rugged Road

Step Back To Reality: Speedvagen Rugged Road


Although it’s something we’ve suspected for a while now, Speedvagen make a refreshing point with their Rugged Road line: ultra-light and super-stiff carbon fibre road bikes are ideal for race situations but they just aren’t that practical for the everyday cyclist.

You Want To Steal: Speedvagen Operation Hawt

You Want To Steal: Speedvagen Operation Hawt


This could very well be one of the brightest bikes we’ve ever featured on Cycle EXIF: Portland’s Speedvagen has released their OG1 frameset in their favorite colors of all time, Hawt Pink. It’s only available for a limited time and in our opinion, it’s hotter than Hawt.

Speedvagen Ghost Road

One of the most significant events in the custom bike world this year was surely the Speedvagen FitTour, when The Vanilla Workshop team cruised down…

Speedvagen Gradient 1×11

After a whirlwind Fit Tour Down Under, Sacha White and The Vanilla Workshop team have headed back to Portland, leaving a trail of customers that…

Speedvagen Fit Tour Sydney

Jeff Curtes just dropped in to see Zak at Skunkworks Bikes and photographed one of the new Speedvagen Ghost/Matte Army race frames in the stand.…

Speedvagen AUS Fit Tour

As far as Winter goes, we get it pretty good in Sydney. It gets a bit wet, but today felt like Spring is just around…

Speedvagen Urban Racer

The city is the petri dish that has given rise to so many aspects of our culture, inasmuch as the outdoor environment is its antithesis.…