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Saffron x DSC Snow Bike

If you somehow managed to get all of David Gwyther’s — A.K.A Death Spray Custom — artwork in one room at the same time, the atmosphere could be described as highly combustible. And it wouldn’t just be from the vapours.… Read more »

Stanforth Bikes Kibo+

If you’re disconsolate about Land Rover’s discontinuation of its Defender line at the end of this year, take heart, you can always invest in what must be the ultimate two-wheeled version of it: Stanforth Bikes’ Kibo+.

Saffron Frameworks Polychromie

The Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier was once quoted as saying “The house is a machine for living” — an insight into his somewhat totalitarian philosophies. In contrast to the stark nature of his reinforced concrete architecture, his paintings were ethereal… Read more »

Brooks Cambium C13 #backontherivet

While I was in the UK for the 2015 Eroica Britannia, I had the incredible honour and pleasure of holding one of the first Brooks Cambium C13 saddles. The 13 refers to it’s 130mm width, but it is an appropriate… Read more »

Review: Donhou Bicycles Signature Steel

It’s already been over a month since Eroica Britannia which, I have to say, was one of the best weekends of my life. Seeing thousands of classic British bikes in the one place at the one time opened my eyes… Read more »

ERA Cycles Skull Road

The last bike by ERA Cycles was a primary-coloured tribute to one of the greatest professional motorcyclists of all time: Barry Sheene. The details incorporated into it earned it the August spread on the 2014 Cycle EXIF Custom Bicycle Calendar,… Read more »

Granule Frameworks Faster Road Bike

Tenterden is a small town in Kent that, in the early 17th century, was home to an honourable man by the name of Samuel Hinckley. His son Thomas, as it turns out, was the direct ancestor of Presidents George H.… Read more »