United Kingdom

2015 Eroica Britannia – Sunday

After a year of anticipation, the day of the actual 2015 Eroica Britannia ride had arrived. After the inaugural event, at the same location as last year’s — Bakewell, in the hilly Peak District, the locals were just as excited… Read more »

2015 Eroica Britannia – Saturday

The 102nd Tour de France begins in a few days time, on the 4th of July, and it is, for cycling fans, one of the highlights of the year. Yet, while this year’s peloton will enjoy the bleeding edge of… Read more »

Donhou Bicycles Dazzle Road

As part of the UK’s 14-18 NOW programme, the HMS President, permanently moored at the Victoria Embankment, has been repainted with a coat of dazzle camouflage. Dazzle has enjoyed renewed popularity over the last few years; it’s a poignant reminder… Read more »

Gear: Upper Downs Neo Jacket

Mountain bikers are spoilt for terrain in the north of the United Kingdom. There’s the spectacular dales and glens of Scotland, and Wales’ Brecon Beacons, for example. With spectacular scenery, however, comes treacherous changes in weather, which inspired the Neo… Read more »

Mather Cycles Adventure Tourer

Back in 2014, Robin Mather designed and built Nick Hand of the Letterpress Collective a cargo-style bike that could carry an Adana printing press. Together, they rode with it from Bristol to Mainz in Germany, where Johannes Gutenberg invented printing… Read more »

Craddock Cycles R1.7

There’s not too many carbon fibre bikes on Cycle EXIF — or maybe that be rephrased. There’s not enough carbon fibre bikes on Cycle EXIF. Richard Craddock, of the UK’s Craddock Cycles, is changing our perception of carbon frames, offering… Read more »

August Wheelworks Adventure Road

Wheel building is often referred to as a ‘dark art’, although everyone who has built a pair themselves will tell you otherwise. It is a measurable and exacting work of engineering, although there’s something quietly zen about a master wheel… Read more »