Gear: Showers Pass Baselayers

The Pacific Northwest is well-known for its long periods of precipitation and temperature range which naturally creates a test of endurance for the cyclist. Showers Pass is a Portland-based company that has been making it easier to brave the elements,… Read more »

Argonaut Cycles and Above Category

There’s a quantum difference between carbon and steel frames, and while you’ll always see more of the latter on Cycle EXIF, it takes a builder like Ben Farver to include the former. Ben’s carbon fibre Argonaut Cycles are completely custom,… Read more »

Brodie Bikes 69er

Regular readers of Cycle EXIF will immediately recognise the name of Paul Brodie, an engineering wunderkind and pioneer of modern mountain bike culture. He has astounded us for the past few years with his creations for the North American Handmade… Read more »

Vigo Cycles Urban Road Bike

Maintaining a healthy work/life balance is important, and it’s crucial for those with stressful jobs to seek an equal and opposite creative outlet. Troy Selvaratnam runs his law firm, specialising in commercial litigation, in New York and equalises it by… Read more »

44 Bikes Snakedriver

The turning of the seasons from summer to winter used to mean a halt to adventurous cycling, especially for those riders living with extreme environments. Fat bikes are changing that scenario, so that some, like Kris Henry of New Hampshire’s… Read more »

Wraith Fabrication Hustle

So far, the response to Adam Eldridge’s Wraith Fabrication has been overwhelmingly positive. The first two waves of production sold out with a third, at the time of writing, still available for pre-order. It’s interesting to read the testimonials on… Read more »

Black Market Bikes Roam

Cycling is often called a Beautiful Sport, mainly because of the heroic feats of the champion riders. But there are some real heroes who operate behind the scenes, like those who dedicate 110% of their energies and finances to establishing… Read more »