English Cycles 29er

Pedalers Fork in Calabasas, in Los Angeles County, is a bike shop, cafe and restaurant that looks like a damn nice place to hang out. It would help, but is not completely necessary, to be passionate about bikes and cycling… Read more »

Gear: Aether Apparel W Union Jacket

Aether Apparel have been building up their range of adventure and outdoor wear for a number of years now, appealing to a market that appreciates subtle functionality. Their motorbike gear is exemplary, as is their urban weatherproof catalogue, which includes… Read more »

Salsa Beargrease ‘Ursula’

We’ve spotted the Salsa Beargrease on the pages of Cycle EXIF before, most notably being our review of it, riding along the soft sandy terrain of Sydney’s Cronulla Beaches. The bike raised the ire of a few readers because of… Read more »

Parlee Z-Zero XD

It’s been just over a week since we were all blown away by the IMSHI Cycles bike built by photographer Eric Baumann, and especially by the lava-crackle paint work on top of it. It was applied by Massachusetts-local Rudi Jung,… Read more »

The Manual For Speed Artist Residency

Manual For Speed can always be relied upon to brighten and confuse your day. They’ve just collaborated with five artists on a series of kits designed to rescue the world from corporate-branded spandex. Which can only be a good thing.… Read more »

Rosko 650b MTB

It’s ironic that for a city as large as New York, space is such a rare commodity. More often than not, frame builders have to work in shoebox-sized garages or basements. The bikes made by Seth Rosko are created in… Read more »

Wraith Paycheck

Racing 2,500 miles of European mountains and countryside. Unsupported. Think you could do it? What bike would you ride? There’s plenty of options, and the number grows each season, as more riders accept the challenge of the Transcontinental Race, a… Read more »