BOO Bicycles RS-R

Prestige Cycles, the best bike shop in Brighton and Hove, now stock BOO Bicycles — makers of some of the world’s finest bamboo bikes. Although they share the floor of Prestige with the likes of Baum, Mosaic, Yeti, Cannondale and… Read more »

Gear: AETHER Apparel Pre-Fall 2015

In the first issue of Rapha’s Mondial magazine there is a great article about Jan Gehl, the celebrated Danish architect who is dedicated to making cities more accessible for human beings and, in particular, cyclists. Urban cycling and commuting is… Read more »

Pedalino Bikes Gravel Queen

Six months ago, a ‘cross bike was featured on Cycle EXIF, built by Julie Ann Pedalino, one of the very few female frame builders in the world. After a successful debut on the New Builders table at the 2015 NAHBS,… Read more »

Speedvagen Fit Tour Sydney

Jeff Curtes just dropped in to see Zak at Skunkworks Bikes and photographed one of the new Speedvagen Ghost/Matte Army race frames in the stand. The finish is an option for the 2015 range, and if you’re in Sydney, you’ll… Read more »

Vanguard Kestrel MX-Z

In 1989, the mountain bike press weren’t lost for words when reviewing the new Kestrel MX-Z, but you could tell they were astounded by the sight of its monocoque frame. Today, it’s still an eye-catching bike and this example even… Read more »

Gear: SILCA HX-One

Some of my most treasured possessions are my grandfather’s woodworking tools, not only because they still work reliably, but for the chips and nicks in the handles, the drips of paint and stains, and the smell of old wood and… Read more »

Six-Eleven NB’s Road

Culturally, Japanese have a deep respect and appreciation for products that are well made, especially when they are handmade by craftspeople who obviously create their work with passion. It’s no wonder then, that the crew at Shibuya’s Blue Lug store… Read more »