Julie Ann Pedalino CX

Cycling is very much a male-dominated sport but that, thankfully, is changing. And there’s even less female custom framebuilders than male — another statistic that is gradually changing. Kansas City is home to Julie Ann Pedalino, who will be making… Read more »

Ritte Cycles Stainless Snob

Thank god for Los Angeles’ Ritte Cycles. The whole ethos of the Ritte brand is to remind us that riding is fun and to get the most out of it you have to be a wee bit nutty. Their unsanctimonious… Read more »

REEB Cycles TyDonk

Fat bikes really do look out of place when photographed in a studio setting, all pristine and minty-fresh. Rest assured, once the TyDonk makes its debut at the 2015 North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Louisville, Kentucky this weekend, it’s… Read more »

Retrotec Backroad Rider

The curved tubes of Curtis Inglis’ Retrotec frames aren’t for everyone, but their sweeping lines are reminiscent of the decorative forms of the ‘Yank tank’ cars of the 1950s. The latest from the Napa, California builder draws further inspiration from… Read more »

Yeti FRO

It appears the Yeti is alive and well and isn’t just the figment of Tibetan lore and the imagination of a few sherpas and intrepid members of the Royal Geographic Society. Although found in many locations other than the Himalyan… Read more »

Gear: Speedvagen Team Kit Preorder

You don’t have to own a Speedvagen to appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of Sacha White and the Vanilla Bikes crew. The frames are some of the most respected on the road and CX circuits. Now you can show your… Read more »

Stone Artist LLC

This is a Giant Propel Advanced. It’s got AeroSystem Shaping Technology and a SpeedControl SL brake system which, according to the Giant website, is the result of countless hours in the wind tunnel. But that’s not what we’re looking at.… Read more »