Townsend Grass Track

Townsend Grass Track

Grass track racing is an almost forgotten aspect of our sport. Along with bicycle speedway, it is eclipsed by the now very fashionable velodrome version, and even by bicycle polo. Nevertheless, the history and culture is an extended one, and provides us with a rich style. This bike by Townsend Cycles combines the age-old tradition of path racing with the classic ethos of velodrome racing.

Gregory Townsend is an ex-pat Briton who now resides in Monrovia, California. A 30-year experience with track, cyclocross, mountain bike and road racing is evident in his builds, as is his English heritage: old-world touches reminiscent of Hetchins can be seen (especially on his ‘Burgundy Road’ frame).

The Grass Track Racer is dressed nicely in Campagnolo Chorus Pista components and drivetrain, with some beautiful laminated beech rims made by Ghisallo in Italy (which can be procured in the US through Ric Hjertberg’s Wheel Fanatyk blog). Greg likes to incorporate the bar and stem combination into the overall theme of the bike, and it works well. That leather bar wrap reminds me of the suede elbow patches on a tweed shooting jacket.

The legendary Joe Bell performed the finishing. The paint is the final touch on what is a perfect blend of past and present, town and country. Have a look through the Townsend gallery on the website and flickr for more.

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Townsend Grass Track
Townsend Grass Track
Townsend Grass Track
Townsend Grass Track
Townsend Grass Track
Townsend Grass Track

  • dontcoast

    tire size/model plz? curious what tires are for the grass track/if this is actually for a grass track

  • redrumracer

    What a stunning paint job! I had never heard of grass track racing before either so it’s good to receive a little education along with the stunning pics

  • RoboticButtocks

    Yessssss. That is brilliant.

  • Yowza! That is absolutely beautiful … one of the most stunning bicycles I’ve ever seen.

  • Thank You Adam,
    Impressive how much work you put into the descriptions for your features.

    Those tires are Vittoria Normal Cross but you could use any similar cross tire with a file tread.

    Thank you all for the kind comments,

  • teo

    There’s one word to describe the paint finish: lickable 😛

  • JP

    Damn, that’s fresh.

  • Davehk

    what’s the green tape on the wheels for?

    • Hey Davehk, it’s tape wrapped around the tire and rim to prevent separation. If you’ve ever seen grass track racing and bicycle speedway, they get down pretty low around the corners…

    • Hi Davehk,
      The tape was used as extra support for the tubulars that undergo pretty high stress on flat turns. The pressure is lower in grass track so the though is that it adds a bit of sidewall stiffness as well.
      At least that was the theory.

  • Thomas Sudkamp

    Sure this bike looks very good but isn’t that just because its a 3D model?

    • mama

      what the hell are you talking about?

    • mama

      what the hell are you talking about?

    • linogs

      hahaha that’s funny.

  • I think this is the best bike I have ever seen.

  • simply too hot to touch.. I’m in love ^^

  • Nelgroe, San Francisco

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful bike. Pure craftsmanship at its finest.  I know it’s 2012, but does any one agree the that cranks/pedal look a tad bit outta place? Please, I’m not bagging, just a layman’s observation, and yes, I can’t stop staring at it. Wonderful.

  • Dorian Grey

    the universal beauty