Vanguard Cycles Jiyuu

Vanguard Cycles Jiyuu

Lorong Halus is a public area in Singapore that combines a man-made wetlands with recreational parks and a bike track. It’s significant because it began life as one of the region’s largest rubbish dumps for 30 years before it’s transformation. It’s also significant because one of the latest offerings by Vanguard Cycles is directly inspired by the park’s board-track cycleways.

Vanguard Cycles Jiyuu

It’s name is Jiyuu and it’s currently for sale via the website, so I’ll let Shaun and Jacinta Sonja describe it: “Jiyuu is inspired by riding sessions along Singapore’s Lorong Halus – a mixture of untouched nature, military base and a beautiful new cycling track. Created from a vintage Bridgestone MB1 frame, this street tracker was custom fabricated to accommodate Maxxis’s Holy Roller tires and built with specially selected parts and componentry.

Vanguard Cycles Jiyuu

“Fitted with 1970s N.O.S Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub and a front drum brake, Jiyuu churns out the gravel with an Ofmega crank and half link chain. Keeping things raw yet refined, a Whizzer fork was fitted together with wooden board track style handlebar and leather cable housing.”

Vanguard Cycles Jiyuu

It’s an interesting concoction, but somehow it works. Maybe the hi-viz chain is an appropriate inclusion, as it’s certainly an extreme contrast to the rest of the rugged and raw ingredients and will catch your eye on the Lorong Halus boardwalk. Head to the Vanguard website for more details.

Vanguard Cycles Jiyuu

  • gnarggles

    yes. yes. yes.

  • Josep

    yes. weird. yes.

  • Hunt

    so bitchen! I think I might have one.

  • cybermike

    Don’t know about the chain but all the rest is AWESOME. Congrats, great build.

  • teo

    besides the chain, i like it. Looks like a clunker 😀

  • Alex

    The seat angle and the yellow chain make my balls and eyes ache respectively. Otherwise, sweet bike.

  • 3 Speeds SUCK from the 1970s

  • it’s a bit of whatever-brought-together but that’s why one has to like it in the end. i like the chain & the front suspension , even accept the gear-shifter position on the horizontal bar , but the saddle & wood grips (how can they not make your wrists ache by the end of the day.?.) throw me off…